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Health Tip: Eat Less, Live Longer

Eating just enough to survive could actually hold the key to living longer. British scientists have shown how an extreme diet can protect against the ageing process. They believe that cells do not move through their cycle of life as quickly if they are starved of energy.

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Health Tip : Exercise protects heart from injury

Lahore (26 September,2011) - A study has found that the nitric oxide generated during exercise protects the heart from injury. Researchers at Emory University School of Medicine have identified the ability of the heart to produce and store nitric oxide as an important way in which exercise protects the heart from injury.

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Health Tip : Oily fish and blueberries aid memory

Lahore (26 September,2011) - Scientist discovers positive effects of oily fish and blueberries on mind. Scientists have for the first time discovered what affect multiple, rather than just single, foods with anti-inflammatory effects have on healthy individuals.

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PTCL launches Dengue Awareness Campaign

Islamabad (September 17, 2011) : Pakistan Telecommunication Company limited (PTCL) has launched a comprehensive dengue awareness campaign regarding preventive measures against dengue virus in all the exchanges and colonies of PTCL.

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