Green Global Charger for Telecom. Devices : International Telecommunications Union (ITU)

Green Global Charger for Telecom. Devices : International Telecommunications Union (ITU)
GENEVA  (Monday, May 16, 2011) : Leading global telecommunications firms have agreed to introduce a universal charger that can be used for devices like MP3 players and tablet computers as well as mobile phones, the United Nations’ ITU agency said on May 9.
A detachable cable with standardised end connectors that can also be used for data transfer will come with the charger, avoiding the need for separate cables and reducing both cost and eventual waste, the agency said.
The International Telecommunications Union (ITU), which groups governments and manufacturers in setting standards for the industry, said the decision to adopt the new system was taken at a meeting in Geneva at the weekend.
The new equipment will upgrade a universal battery charging system for mobile phones, also backed by the ITU and adopted as a universal standard by the industry’s GSM Association in 2009.
It will also mean manufacturers no longer have automatically to supply chargers with new phones.
The new system, the ITU said, will extend the advance to a wide range of lower-power devices including cameras, wireless headphones and GPS equipment as well as MP3s and tablets, which users will be able to power using the same charger and cable.
Apart from saving energy with an ultra-efficient power adapter, the new chargers – to be produced in billions over the next few years – would be safer and use eco-friendly materials. It will also use a faster charging current to cut charging time.

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