1200 Telephone Lines Cut Off in Chitral Since April 14, 2011

Chitral (Sunday, May 8, 2011): 1200 Telephone Lines has been Cut Off in Chitral from April 14, 2011. Due  to this Telephone Numbers of Chitral Airport, WAPDA Office, Meteorology Department and areas are still dead. Department of C& W (Communication & Works) has cut cable during on going work on bypass. PTCL Customers are facing great difficulty.

(Published in Daily Azadi Swat on May 9, 2011)

1200 Telephone Lines Cut Off in Chitral since April 14, 2011 - Daily Azadi Swat 9-5-2011

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  1. Bahri Karam says:

    PTCL authorities should take notice and arrange an immediate rectification of cut off cable in order to avoid further revenue loss to PTCL and redress customer grievances.

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