A letter from Adyala Jail Rawalpindi to Brave Workers of PTCL

A letter from Adyala Jail Rawalpindi to Brave Workers of PTCL:

My Dear Brave and Courageous Workers of PTCL


First of all I congratulate you on continuing your strike despite  some  so called leaders. They tries their best to kill workers right before the cruel and killer management ….

Letter of Hassan Muhammad Rana from Adyala Jail to PTCL Workers


  1. salute to Mr. Rana Hassan,Ammadul Hassan and Malik Maqbool and his sacrifice given by them for ptcl workers, and stricly condem the role of Maa Ferosh Ziauddin a pocket union’s leader who acting as Mir sadiq and Mir Jaffar. Insha Allah in near future he will see his balck face very soon.And all ptcl workes are requested to continuoue their strike in the leadrship of their beloved and sincier leaders Mr. Rana Hassan,Ammadul Hassan and Malik Maqbool untill their demandes are accepted.

  2. Rana Hassan and Malik Maqbool Salute to you and Lala your Eyes should bow before every one u r black sheep of PTCL

  3. Dear all
    As everyone can clearly see n decide who is a culprit n who is fair, so plz don’t panic and stay put.The strike is still on n we’ll be succeeded Inshallah (NASRU MINALLAHA WA FATHUN QAREEB).


  4. To want some great leader like Rana Hassan and Malik Maqbool then win any kind of work

  5. Mr Hassan Muhammad Rana is the great Leader who leads workers in such a harsh situation.I salute to his courage and in his honour.
    May Allah help him with his loving Workers and may Allah fullfill their demands

  6. zahoor Muhamamd says:

    Dear Friends
    KIndly contnue your strike and inform your all friends…

  7. All ptcl workers know no leader except Rana and Maqbool.We have seen them before .mafarosh Their face will be black after holidays.You will see the real Dama damast after Ramazan.

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