Adult Websites Blockage – ISPs demand PTA for action over law violation

Adult Websites Blockage – ISPs demand PTA for action over law violation
KARACHI (December 17, 2011) : Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have demanded Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) for an immediate notice against the biggest ISP for not abiding its directives to block adult websites on its broadband and dial-up internet services even after lapse of more than one month of the order passed by PTA.
In this way, the biggest telecom and internet service provider is promoting vulgarity through access of immoral, indecent and obscene content rather than blocking them on its network for the betterment of youth and society by not complying with the orders from PTA.
PTA directed all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to block 1,000 accessible adult websites in the third week of October. There are more than 50 ISPs operating in different parts of the country, providing internet services to the customers through different modes of technology and charges.
Majority of the operators have blocked these websites before the given time period within deadline, this particular company now out of government control is reluctant to block these website for attracting customers from different network.
The company is controlled by a Middle Eastern company, which is one of the biggest telecom operators in the world having monopoly in most of the Arab countries where it has imposed strict censorship on the porn websites in most of the operating countries such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Egypt, Sudan, Nigeria, and Afghanistan.
However, in the case of Pakistan it seems it is not following its global policy despite the country’s law also which does not allow it to provide access to its subscribers to the adult content websites.
(Published in DailyTimes on 18-12-2011)


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