All Pakistan PTCL Pensioners Action Committee announces Sitin (Dharna) in Islamabad

All Pakistan PTCL Pensioners Action Committee announces Sit-in (Dharna) in Islamabad

Gujranwala (Saturday, February 9, 2013) – A meeting of All Pakistan PTCL Pensioners Action Committee held at Bakhtiar Labour Hall Gujranwala on 8th February (Friday) with Mr.Ikramullah Khan of Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa in the chair. The meeting was attended by members from all over the country.


Committee decided to stage a sit-in in Islamabad during first week of March,2013 for our suspended pension increases and Medical Allowance. Colleagues are requested to make preparations for the sit-in as per schedule.Following key members attended the meeting:

1.Mr.Muhammad Azam Qureshi alongwith from Hyderabad.
2.Mr.Mazhar Ahmmad Mangi from Karachi.
3.Mr.Pervaiz Bhatti and Mr.Saifuddin Qureshi from Multan.
4.Mr.Amin Shah & Mr.M.H.Aslam from Islamabad.
5.Sh.Naseer Ahmad,Rana Aslam,Ch.Arshad and Hamid Gillani from Lahore.
6.Muhammad Aslam Bhutto from Sukkur.
7.Muhammad Tauqeer from Sialkot.

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Muhammad Tauqeer


  1. Muhammad Tauqeer says:

    Keeping in view the current circumstances in the country and security situation,the sit-in is postponned for now.New shcedule will be announced soon Insha Allah.

  2. Akhtar Mohammad says:

    All PTCL retired workers should keep continue their struggle and the day is not far when the dawn of success would rise

  3. Akhtar Mohammad says:

    Why not contacted the retired friends from Quetta Balochistan for Islamabad sit-in to be staged in March-2013

  4. Muhammad zaman says:

    God is Great. Allah Ap ka madadgar hai .

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