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An Open Letter of Mr. Rehman (VSS Optee) to PTCL Employees in view of expected second VSS scheme in PTCL

Letter No. 1 (a)

The PTCL officers from 18 grade to the upper grades, they are the main problems for workers they engaged ptcl workers on duty for long hours than the actual duties by threatening/blackmailing for action so that the workers do their job from 8:00 to 20:00. beside this, officer take action for nothing to threat employee,in the result PTCL employees are doing their jobs for long hours than the actual duty and getting frustrated and thinking to leave the job by 2nd phase of VSS, that is why PTCL need no more manpower and saved a huge money in the form of salary so all the benefits/achievements go to the controlling officers instead of industrious labors,on the other hand ptcl employees are getting much frustration and this frustration will make employees to leave the PTCL by VSS or golden hand shake.so be aware that this is the engineered planning to make mind of ptcl employees to leave their job by vss. In 1st vss phase the management had same planning which was succeeded more than their expectations,therefore they are troubling employees more than past for two years sothat they may make decision to accept 2nd phase of vss just like the past phase.
in the past VSS, the majority of workers did not want to opt vss but there was no unity among the ptcl employees nor union leaders supported employees to save their jobs, union said nothing in the interest of workers and left the workers to their own decision whether they go to the hell, in the result majority were left ptcl for very little amount.now their lives are worse than the beggars and no one is ready to listen their problems,even the constitution of Pakistan and ptcl department laws gave the right of pension but the higher authorities of the country are not ready to accept the rights of those employees who are deprived of pension and medical facilities.
Therefore i want to give suggestion to all ptcl employees that don’t trust on any union leader/officer ,just trust on yourself and trust to one an other,if you are united then no ptcl union/officer can sell you nor any management can make you to leave your job. Listen your job is your future , your parents, your supporter in the bad time, your job is your real friend instead of unionist leader or ptcl management. so don’t leave your job for others, don’t leave ur job for few lack rupees or for any “sabz baagh”. Trust in your job not the vss package.
Your unity is Your leader if u have no unity then union leaders will sell you for many karor rupees just like we were sold in 2008.
Please take VSS only in one condition, if management let you to make vss package for yourself instead of union or management, because management will never think for Your profit they will always do for their best.
“VSS k pese lekar baaher k fraady dunya mai aap logo ne wese b khuwaar hona hai to isse acha nahi k aap log ptcl mai hi khuwaar raho,aap log baad mai is khuwari k liye tarsoge jese ham taras rahe hey) aap pe bura time aajay to aap ikate hokar akdusre ka saath dete ho.ptcl se baher na aap log ak dusre ki help karsakte ho na hi koi help k lye aayga”.

If Your job,ur salary is nothing then why PTCL are giving you rupees to leave the job,why they don’t spend this money to improve the ptcl services or for any other business because they know that there is no good business to hack the salary of employees than the other job, then they will appoint new or same labors for salary few thousands rupee to run the ptcl.

Etisalat violated all the terms and conditions with ptcl and is defaulter but there is no one to asks the etisalat and PTCL or the responsible authority of government but every one keep his eyes to asks the innocent hardworking employees,Etisalat is trying to pay installments from the income of ptcl that is possible just because of workers not any officer.
National assembly members and government Minister confess that this deal was very bad for us and etisalat violated all terms and conditions and we have rught to cancel the deal.if the management don’t fulfill her terms then how they can take care of employee benefits.

Letter No. 1 (b)

if the management don’t fulfill her terms and conditions then how they(ETISALAT) can take care of employee benefits(rights)

In my last letter, The above is my comments not National Assembly members, i mistakenly added my above comment in the assembly member comment.it is for yourr kind information..Thanks

Beside this i want to say that dont listen to any propaganda nor think about that you should accept VSS or not because it would make you double minded and consiquetnly you may decide to lose ur job.
And People are blamming ETISALAT ,i think ETISALAT is a good company for employee but the black sheeps of PTCL are disterbibg everything. because the employee of ETISALAT are very happy in UAE ,even PTCL deputed emloyees to the UAE are very happy with the benifits provided from ETISALAT therefore they dont want to come back to work under ptcl. i think PTCL management or some people belong to blacksheeps dont let emplyees and ETISALAT to build trust each other or to make relation so the things are going more worse. Best of luck


EX ptcl employee(vss victim)



  1. since the last VSS in 2008 untill now the ptcl management did enough work to prepare the mind od current ptcl employees to leave the job for nothing. since march 2008 they torchered ptcl emplyees in every aspects, although many ptcl employees serve thier duties more than 12 hours a day because of shortage of staff but management pressurize employees instead of any praise. in 2007 VSS PTCL/ITISALAT higher authorities were suceeded in achieving the target of Vss when they pressurized the employees by propaganda campaign that those will be make to work as contract who will reject VSS ,in result more than 40 thousand opted VSS including 10000 employees which were deprived of pension and medical rights.in 2007-2008 the judiciary was seized that made employees to quit the job.now judiciary and democratic system is restored but still 10000 employees are unable to get their legal rights of pension and medical because ptcl authorities and Musharaf, shokat Aziz government and minister Hafeez sheikh made them bound to quit the legal rights of pension. so be aware this time.

  2. aol it is a vss .people knows what their deceion will be. its a good scheme for those persons service limit is left less than 2 to 5 yeaers they can take benifit . others have to do work for ptcl in the cour of heart for interest of PTCL. by best wishes for inocent workers. CONTACT AND TAKADARI NAZAM NEHIEN CHAIYA. GO GO CONTACT MAFIA.

  3. AOL
    VSS in 2012 how very funy for those workers who fair with their duties. it is a just make happy to high authories Itahsalat by contact mafia . they said that we save revenue for u and you will increas our salaires. only for personal interest contact mafi creating problems to the workers. who works with full consentrate and hard working in both season in summer and winter but contact mafia takes benifit that saying we have acive the target as given higher authories. in reality the workers do works and achive target but itahsalat does not know that. contact mafia made the ming dirty itahsalat against workers. but workers faithful with itahsalat. they do works in low salaries. but contact mafia only think on persoanl interest as to increase salaries after every month. but itahsalat also does not increase salaries to hard working workers as by government. all contactiee are enemies to PTCL.

  4. this is very much true.one of such office is in FTR i.e. malik imran, really a very bad officer through the country. I request to all, please pray for him for coming on right path.

  5. Mostly VSS opety are thining about remaining employees as they become mentel as like tem.
    Remaining EMPLOYEES of PTCL are working more then VSS OPTE idel employees especially “NCPG”. I agree with him remainging staff is performing their duty most more than their duty time, without any benifets. the tezercatcher are geting benifets in shape of OVER TIME, ETC
    thanks and regards

  6. I agree your advoice i feel ptcl VSS give EMPLOYEES current besic pay condition and pensionable above 10 years comfrom service then i khnow agree very (MOSTLY) OPT 2ND VSS.Please emigiat anaonsment 2nd VSS

  7. Thanks
    I agree with your advice but I feel if PTCL VSS give employees current pay and first VSS conditions and pensionable above 10 years qualifying service then I know mostly opt 2nd VSS.

  8. It is for the information of all ptcl workers that Shaheen has won the referendum to implement the charter of demand put by them and not 50% indiginious increase.shabash Shaheen Walo.

  9. The media compaign of the ppp govt. regarding 12% shares to employees is nonsense because Who got it???????????????????Nobody. For example look at the PTCL as the govt.is as silent as any thing can be

  10. ptcl workers are neither in Hes nor in Shes.The increases do not apply to them but the decreases apply to them like a Drone.Shabash PTCL

  11. what a ptcl service structure ! if you are a post graduate and appointed as UDC in BPS-7 I assure you that even after 30 years service you will be no more but again a UDC in BPS-7 and on retirement illeterate people of the village will smile at your qualification.

  12. muhammad shakir

    thanks for trying to be united of vss optees . I wnt to know about pensionable length of service, my service in ptcl was 13years. Is it possible to get pension from ptcl

  13. Syed Lakht-e-Hassnain

    InshahAllah we will make the right decision…we all know what is good or bad…thanx for sweet advice:-))))

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