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Apple Smart Homes – Home Controlling Technology

Apple Smart Homes  – Home Controlling Technology

Controlling homes through smart phones, voice doesn’t seem a distant dream anymore

Karachi (Tuesday, may 27th, 2014) – Ever wanted to have a way to control appliances at your home with something other than the light switch? Controlling lights and other electronics through voice, smart phone or other wifi devices? The futuristic technology that one thought was a luxury that only rich could afford might just be at everyone’s disposal. The so called ‘smart homes’ technology idea has been kept alive by a number of startups.

Apple Smart Homes
Apple Smart Homes

What was earlier possible through expensive technology only select few could afford, is now being experimented by startups, to make it affordable. This is all because of the advancement of technology and reducing prices of smart phones, microchips and other smart electronic devises.
The market that was considered a toy at the hands of startups is now being eyed by electronic and tech giants like Google, Samsung and Apple. One such entrant is Apple that is expected to introduce the ‘smart home’ system in its upcoming Worldwide Developer’s Conference in San Francisco next month.
It is being anticipated that the futuristic technology will let the consumers deploy virtually anything including Bluetooth, Wifi, voice recognition systems and other smart technologies to be able to control their homes.
The experts also say that Apple will now have to do away from its traditional vertical integration style and rely on hardware manufactured by other players. Since Apple cannot focus on producing both hardware and software for the futuristic technology if it wants to get hold of the major chunk of the market, it will now have to rely more on their software product and enable hardware produced by the third parties.
Experts are saying that Apple will utilize its huge Apple App Store experience to supply and license the software to the compatible hardware.
Whatever the final product will be, is yet to be established and one has to wait for the upcoming Developer’s Conference for that. But one sure thing is that the entrance of major players into the trending but infant market will enable end consumers to turn their homes into smart homes and in a budget.

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