Bahria Town Car Race Case Takes a Mysterious Turn: Business Recorder Report

Bahria Town Car race case takes a mysterious turn: “Business Recorder Report
ISLAMABAD: The Bahria Town drag race case took a mysterious turn as Supreme Court Tuesday sought the record of terms and conditions on which the aggrieved families of the victims settled the case just ‘in the name of Allah’.
The counsel informed the court that the bereaved families settled the case and forgave the main accused, Ali Riaz, son of Bahria Town chief executive Malik Riaz, who arranged a drag race to fulfil his hobby, which claimed five innocent lives.
Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman remarked that people were hanged even on circumstantial evidence in many murder cases, when Advocate General Punjab Khawaja Haris told the court that Ali Riaz has not been arrested so far because there was no evidence against him.
A four-member bench of the apex court headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry asked Advocate General Punjab and police officials to frankly tell the court that they have no courage to take action against influential persons involved in the case.
The counsel for the accused Ali Riaz, who gave permission for the race, informed the court that the bereaved families forgave him (Ali) solely ‘in the name of Allah’. The court asked why other accused were not treated with the same compassion.
“Is this true they forgive your client solely in the name of Allah,” Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry asked his defense lawyers, including a prominent leader of the lawyers’ movement, Hamid Khan.
When Hamid Khan remained mum, Justice Ramday said that do you think only influential people deserve to be exempted in the name of Allah…what about the marketing manager and the drag race driver? Are they too low to be forgiven in the name of Allah? However, Zulfiqar Naqvi, another lawyer for the accused, told the court that consolidation was made after compensation to the bereaved families.
This is pertinent to mention that Malik Riaz has amassed countless wealth in just a short span of time and local police tilted the investigation is his son’s favour to please him ‘just in the name of Allah’.
DIG, Major Mubasharullah (retd), was appointed by IG Punjab to investigate the matter, told the court that marketing manager of Bahria Town took responsibility for the case, due to which action was not taken against Ali Riaz.
The court rejected this argument and asked the lawyers for citation of the relevant motor vehicles act that holds the person who permits such events equally responsible. “It is better for the accused to come in the court and follow the set procedure for consolidation,” the court said. The accused seems too clever as instead of appearing before the court, they are exercising other options, Justice Chaudhry remarked.
“Your investigation report reveals that except owner of Bahria Town, all other accused are to be blamed for the tragic incident,” Justice Ramday said. Major Mubasharullah told that the cooperation of FIA and interior ministry was contrary to his expectations. He said Atif – one of the main accused in the case, could not have succeeded in fleeing the country, had his name been placed on Exit Control List (ECL) by the authorities concerned.

(News Report Published on Feb 16, 2011)

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