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Broadband Internet in Pakistan – Users 5 millions, Connections 1.79 millions

Broadband users cross five million mark : Broadband Internet in Pakistan – Users 5 millions, Connections 1.79 millions

KARACHI (March 28, 2012) : Broadband users have crossed five million mark is the recent couple of years with dozens of service providers having different technologies aggressively exploring domestic markets.
According to the Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan (ISPAK), the broadband users are more than double the connections owing to sharing facility on different service providers. The broadband connections have seen an accelerated growth, reaching to 1.79 million on the network of different service providers registered by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).
As broadband operators are exploring the local markets, number of users has been on the rise in different cities of the country, said ISPAK Convener Wahaj-us-Siraj.
He explained that a single broadband connection with limited utility is used in educational institutions, small and medium sized corporations and home by different individuals.
Wi-Fi enabled services also facilitate more than one number of users to utilise Internet on laptops, iPads and smartphones on single connections, he added.
The Internet broadband service is mostly available in five to 10 major and populated cities however there are a couple of operators such as Pakistan Telecom Company Limited (PTCL), Wateen and WorldCall, who have extended their services considerably to other cities.
The number of Internet users has increased to more than 22 million as per estimate however the growth in mobile-Internet was widened the subscribers’ base relatively higher than the estimated figures. There more than 50 Internet service providers including 10 broadband companies operating in different parts of the country under their licence at various charges.
These service providers have brought advanced technology to deploy their network including Wimax, DSL, FTTH and HFC. The number of operators with variety of technology has been expanding the base of technology users with competition, showing the falling rates of service by every passing month.
The different service providers include PTCL, WorldCall, Wateen, WiTribe, Qubee and Comsat. The broadband packages are lowest in the world ranging from Rs 250 to Rs 3,000 per month depending on the speed and utility of data by the subscribers. However, the stiff competition among the operators resulted in constant decline and multiple offers to the users.
The broadband operators utilising wired and wireless technology have planned to broaden their network in big and small cities with millions of dollars investment in the future. As a matter of fact Pakistan is a highly potential market for them with increasing number of educated youngsters in the largely under-served market.
The technology expansion has contributed a vital share to the economy as the operators have invested millions of rupees and provided jobs to millions of educated and skilled workers.

(Published in DailyTimes Lahore)

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  3. I am pensioner of PTCL. We always feel very happy to see the success of PTCL. These pensioner are the messenger for improving the business of Company. But the company should also feel their hardships and pay due attention to give Pensioners their rights. And it is also to please give facility of concession of 50 percent at it is given to the PTCL employees. Hope it will increase usage of DSL amongst pensioners.

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