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Broadband subscribers in Pakistan will Reach 9.5 millions by 2014

Broadband Internet subscribers in Pakistan will Reach 9.5 millions by 2014:
ISLAMABAD (September 5, 2011) : Broadband subscription is increasing in the country and it is estimated that there will be 9.5 million broadband subscribers by 2014. In the light of existing trends, it can be predicted about the future broadband trends that wireless broadband technologies would surpass fixed line DSL services within a span of one year. According to official data available, as for the number of subscribers by 2020, it is believed that within the next four years, market would witness a growth rate of nearly 70-85 percent per annum.

This would be followed by a steady growth rate of 5-25 percent in the next six years, taking the total number of broadband subscribers to 19.5 million by 2020. According to an estimate, Pakistan would touch 195 million population by 2020. Calculating the broadband penetration presently at 0.57, it is predicted that broadband penetration by 2020 will reach 10 subscribers per 100 inhabitants.

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  2. I dont like wireless, cable systems everytime stable, thank you from uydunet.

  3. performance of evo is going down everyday,people has started to switch over to other wireless dsl companies, ptcl is stressing more on sale than keeping up the standards, therefore its hard to say as to how many consumers will be there in year 2014.
    i live in mirpur ak where evo is worst, people are getting landline dsl from special communication organisation.
    so its time to think or ptcl.

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