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Islamabad/Rawalpindi : 5 killed, 1 Injured in Car Race Crash in Bahria Town









(Daily English TheNews  Report published on December 6, 2010)

Five killed in Pindi car race
RAWALPINDI: The drag race festivity turned into a fatal tragedy in Rawalpindi as one of the competitors crushed five spectators when he lost control of the vehicle near the finish line on Sunday evening.
A RX-7 sports car driven by Majid Naeem (senior auditor PTCL) cartwheeled into the crowd after hitting a pole. The driver lost control, smashing his vehicle into the crowd of spectators, nearly ten feet away from the racing track.
Those who lost their lives in the accident include Baber Ali (Askari Bank), Asfandyar Ali (15-year son of Baber), Sohail Khan and his son Danyal Khan and Mohsin Javed (son of Col Javed). Majid Naeem (senior auditor PTCL) survived unhurt from the tragedy.
Some sources told The News that the son of one of the closest aides of former President Gen (R) Musharraf managed the car race after getting permission from the Rawalpindi administration.
SP (Sadar) Raja Javed when contacted, told this correspondent that he and sub divisional police officer (SDPO) rejected the application submitted by the race administration. “I am sure, the district administration rejected the application too and didn’t allow the car race,” the SP concluded.

(Dawn News Report published on December 6, 2010)

5 die as car ploughs into crowd of spectators
RAWALPINDI / GUJJAR KHAN, Dec 5: A car taking part in a race went out of control and ploughed into spectators standing along the race-track in Bahria Town’s Phase 8 on Sunday evening, killing five people and injuring four.
Rawalpindi Commissioner Zahir Saeed said the Bahria Town management had sought permission for the car race, but the district administration had rejected the plea.
He said that on Saturday the town management had sent a letter which said that it would hold the race in the jurisdiction of Islamabad because some part of the Bahria Town was in the federal capital territory.
“Despite having been refused permission, the Bahria Town administration held the race in the jurisdiction of Rawalpindi and now a case will be registered against it,” the commissioner said.
He said that none of heirs of the victims had so far contacted police for lodging a case because they were in deep shock due to the loss of their loved-ones.
Moving scenes were witnessed in Safari Hospital where the victims were brought in ambulances.
Those killed in the incident were identified as Suhail Khan, his 12-year-old son Danial Suhail; Babar Ali, his son Asfand; and Mohsin Jawaid, son of Col (retd) Jawaid.
“We were standing at the starting point of the race when the driver lost control and the vehicle jumped off the track and ploughed into the crowd of spectators,” Ghulam Khan, a security officer, told Dawn.
“It was total chaos. People were screaming and some were running away in panic to avoid the crashing car.” Preliminary police investigation suggested that a man identified as Majid who ran a remodelled car business, was driving the car.
He had especially modified his expensive car to take part in the race.
One of the spectators who gave his name as Shah said the organisers of the car race had charged Rs500 for a ticket for watching the race.
Another spectator, Abu Bakar, said that he was watching the race with three friends when the car smashed into them, injuring his friend Hamza.
At least five to six thousand spectators were reported to be at the place when the tragic incident happened.
According to police, efforts were under way to arrest the car driver Majid and the organiser of the event, Atif Sheikh

(Breaking News Daily English “TheNews” dated 5-12-2010)
RAWALPINDI: Four persons were killed and another seriously injured as a speedy car rammed into the crowd gathered on road side to witness a car race held here at Bahria Town Sunday.
According to police sources, a car race “EVO Nitro Speed Quest 2010” was organized at Bahria Town Phase-8. During the race, a driver of a car lost control during the race as a result it run over four people while another person sustained serious injuries.
The injured has been shifted to Safari Villa hospital for treatment, police added.

(Breaking News Samaa TV dated 5-12-2010)
ISLAMABAD: At least four persons have been killed and two others sustained injuries in a car race crash in Bahria Town on Sunday.
According to details, today evening a car race competition was arranged in Phase – VIII of Bahria Town, Islamabad to promote motor sports in the country.
During the race, one racing car turned out of control and crushed the spectators after hitting the safety railing.
The driver of the crashed car and three spectators died on the spot and two others sustained injuries.
The injured and the dead bodies were immediately moved to the hospital by the rescue teams.
The organizers of the race have told that the spectators were many times warned, during the race, to keep distance from the race track and not to get closer to the railing but they constantly ignored the warnings and stood so close to the safety fence which caused more damage to their lives. SAMAA

Geo News Jang Breaking News - Car Race Accident in Bahria Town islamabad December 5 2010
Geo News Jang Breaking News - Car Race Accident in Bahria Town islamabad December 5 2010

Samaa Tv Breaking News - Car Race accident Bahria Town Islamabad 5-12-2010
Samaa Tv Breaking News - Car Race accident Bahria Town Islamabad 5-12-2010

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  1. Very sad incidence.

    Car racing is a thrilling and full of fun adventure which especially youngsters love to watch and participate and it must be conducted but safety precautions and world standards must be kept at priority. Whatever we do now no one can bring those precious lives back.

    I guess organizers must be held responsible for this incidence instead of car driver.

    May Allah rest their souls in peace and give strength to their loved ones.

  2. AoA

    Peace and prosperty prevails in Pakistan , we just had flood and we copped with it very well , about few months ago two young brothers were murdered in the street while people watched, yes it was the Perfect time for a CAR RACE , who is responsible the sponcer and driver or the people who were there? May Allah give us Hiddayat.Amin

  3. I am the brother of Mohsin Javed. He was only 22 and half very smart, handsome and intelligent boy he was about to finish his masters degree a great future ahead and babar bahi was our family we lost 3 people. All day i see the caring and smiley face of my young brother and cannot do anything to bring him back.I request everyone to please pray for all of us that Allah give us the strength to pass through this hard time. Meray pyare bhai kahan ho everyone is crying for you. We loved him so much and now far more and these people have destroyed 3 families. I dont understand how can someone sleep after killing 5 people. Allah kabi be muff nahi karay ga. Inshallah

  4. I wonder if Mr Umar would have been posting same lines (that the best ever car racing driver should not be blamed ) if one of the victims were his relative/friend . Though I am so sure that the chances of bringing the culprits to justice is very rare but I also have strong belief that those responsible for this tragic incident would never be able to spend a single moment of peace in their life .

    May Allah give sabar to the families who lost their loved ones and may Allah bring His hardest of AZAAB to those who are responsible for this . Ameen .


  6. Salam,
    Well everyone have their own capacity of mind on the basis of that he/she may say somfing.Being a muslim of all us know about that Life & Death is in hand of The Great Lord Allah. And thats not the point that to be discuss here because their death time, place & condition was in the great book of (DEATH & LIFE) even before their birth.And we can just pray 4 them & thas all.May Allah rest them in peace.
    But the most horrific news is they all killed by a racer.How many of pakistan national got the facility to race.70 % of pakistan population even dnt have status to buy the cheapest car in the world.Who are the organiasors? May be they are unknown to many of us, but they still are known to us because of their bloody organisation, they must be bloody (R)dectator their relatives OR bloody politicians OR their relatives.i am not aganist sports and even i love races. But look at our condition thousands of peoples are without cloths without shelter even without food. they are same like us they have the same feelings they have the same religion same bodies same culture same country same needs like us.Allah is watching us this is our exam in wealthy condition.We are like a man who is clothless n he stand in mirror to gel his hairs & cream his face. Still we have ppl in us like UMAR SAHAB who is defending that bloody driver. The only thing that v got in our minds we are slaves.we want to be seems like GOORA want to SPEAK like bloody GORA evn text like our masters. MR Umar thas not about controling the wheel bro.Thas nofing about to use words like to show you buger.check me whole text its like an application (and it is application to all of you).Although i am living in yorkshire so if i start text with that text you will be unable to get me.Thas not about youtube videos! I got the BMW M5 09 model 5 litre.I got it for 40k£.f u want to check i will give you my facebook link.
    but i got it 4m my own blood i never sucked the poor ppl of my country.the reason is the bloody got that much personlity 2 get all this own his own.do u belive that.All of us knw that must be relative of some1 who is the bloodsucker of pakistan.so I am UK Bon.All of my mates want me to forget that i am pakistani.But i cant even i went to pak just 3 4 times in my whole life but still i feel pain in my heart when i get news like this about Pakistan. thas more then that tragic deaths.thas about our bloody politition,s , Bloody dectators,s who are ruling us like……Please do somthing creative for yourself for Our Pakistan.race is not key to.. It is the of killing innocent lives.race in a country in whos 70% population evn dnt the status to buy the world cheapest car.Please Allah save my country. And punsish responsible.Top Laad

  7. To Mr Umar and others saying everyone has their own time ….going by this ridiculous logic even murderers should be allowed to go by unscathed…suicide shouldn’t be a sin anymore …after all it was from Allah.
    Seriously, stop being so dumb. This is cold-blooded murder both by the driver and the organizers. Posting racing videos on Youtube does not make you a race driver and we are least bothered to know how good a driver he is, all we know is that he (and the organizers) took 5 lives and he should be punished.

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