Children Protest at Press Club Rawalpindi against the arrest of PTCL Workers (September 06, 2010): Pictures Gallery

Children Protest at Press Club Rawalpindi against the arrest of PTCL Workers (September 06, 2010):

Arrested worker’s children protest against PTCL Management at Rawalpindi Press Club on September 06, 2010. Protest was lead by older daughter of Ammad ul hassan Qureshi (Secratory General Pak. Telecom. Labour Union) PTLU. Wafa Hassan. Large numbers of other children belonging to PTCL employees also participated in this protest. They were carrying play cards and banners, in which slogans against Etisalat and PTCL Management were written.
Children Protest against PTCL Workers arrest in Rawalpindi (7)
Children Protest against PTCL Workers arrest in Rawalpindi (9)

PTCL Children Protest and Zahid Dabir talk with newsmen on 6-9-2010


  1. We stricly condem the partial attitude of media as well as of the present Government which can not implement thier order of 50% increasement on PTCL management, and has given free hand to ethisalat to treat their workers as they like, which is totally voilation of section 35 & 36 of re-organization AcT 1996 under such section ptcl emloyees are to be treated as Govt servant.
    it means that there is some thing hidden between present Govt and dubai

  2. AOA

    Media is a part of corrupt society and in this case PTCL Management threaten TV channels to do not give coverage to strike otherwise they will stop ads on their channels, they are receving millions per month from ptcl.
    truth always win and also in this case.
    Raja Tahir

  3. Inam Ullah Khan says:


    AZAD MEDIA per laanat hey, jo seb kuch dahketa hoa bhi khamosh hey.

    Thanks, and Regards,

    Inam Ullah Khan

  4. sohail ahmad says:

    Very good

  5. Etisalar International Pakistan (EIP) transferred approximately 3 billion every year to dubai to Etisalat in the shape of Technical Support Agreement (TSA). What the hell TSA they have been provided to PTCL.

  6. Its a shameful situation for Etisalat International Pakistan (EIP) Etisalat Dubai and also for PTCL Management. Shame, Shame, Shame, It in the history of the Pakistan not only Pakistan but in the world that a firm of international repute stooped the salaries of his 14,000 workers and the workers those who are the back bone the organization, shame, shame, for PTCL Management. The SEVP (HR) having nil qualification in administration and HR field. The EVP (HR) Mr. Bilal is already in the interrogation of case of 302 (murder at Karachi). he made burgers previously at Pizzha Hut at Karachi. What a level of Top Management of PTCL, these people get salaries in millions monthly individually. Shame, Shame, Shame

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