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CLARIFICATION – Regarding PTCL VSS Optees 2008 Drafts

CLARIFICATION –  Regarding PTCL VSS Optees 2008 Drafts

The basic purpose of both the drafts is one and the same ie to avoid the differentiation between the PTCL pensioners retired before 1-1-1996 and those who were retired after 1-1-1996 and nothing more.The misconceptions fond among the pensioners about these drafts need to be clarified on the following points so that all the pensioners should send these drafts to the concerned quarters without further delay:-
1-That the purpose of these draft letters is not to disallow 8% pension increase to those retired after 1-1-1996,but instead,why only 7.50% increase has been allowed to those retired prior to 1-1-1996 resulting in differentiation.
2- That 7.50% increase in pension is based on Govt of Pakistan formula and 8% increase is based on Telecom Employees Trust formula.In case (TET) formula of pension increase for the year 2015-2016 is accepted to be correct without any objection then the pension increase formula for the years july 2009 to june 2015 shall also be taken to be correct.Therefore it is the question of formula for increase in pension and not the % of pension increse.

Ch.Muhammad Akram

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