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Complete ban on prepaid mobile SIMs – NA Select Committee proposes

NA Committee for  Complete ban on prepaid SIMs

A parliamentary Panel on Tuesday proposed to completely ban prepaid SIMs.

Islamabad (Breaking News / 06 November,2012 ) – National Assembly Select Committee that met with Khawaja Sohail Mansoor in the chair here in the Parliament house expressed its concerns over issuance method of SIMs in the country and said that more than fifty percent crimes in the country are just because of prepaid SIMs.

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Committee said that basic responsibility lies with the telecom operators who sold millions of SIMs without adopting any mechanism and proper verification. Legislators said that Telecos done this just to get financial benefits and destroyed the society.

Ms Anusha Rehman questioned the performance of PTA in monitoring the system of the prepaid SIMs and said that issuance of SIMs without any proper mechanism results into increasing cyber crimes in the country therefore prepaid SIMs should be completely ban in the county.

She suggested that Biometric system should be adopted before issuance of SIM adding that post paid SIM would also be helpful to remove illegal exchanges from the country.
FIA officials said that voter lists are big source of ID theft because credentials of common man are snatched from these lists and later they are used to get multi SIMs.

FIA officials further informed that after research conducted by FIA it is learnt that million of mobile phones in the country have same IEMI no and are smuggled in the country from abroad.
They said that these cell phones are not regulated and transported through grey marketing.

Committee directed officials of IT to include issuance of SIM into the proposed bill for prevention of cyber crimes in the country.
During the meeting FIA and ministry of law showed strong concerns over newly drafted prevention of Electronic Crimes bill 2012 that tables before Special committee.

FIA said that during meeting with IT ministry they proposed to remove certain clauses but these are not changed or removed. Law ministry said that language of the draft is creating hurdle as many words used in the draft have same meanings.

Afaq Ahmed from Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA) said that there are procedural differences between FIA and PASHA because FIA want complete control and authority to apprehend the culprits.

Legislators said that purpose of this draft is not to apprehend individuals but to eliminate cyber crimes from the country.

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  1. We hope to BAN PREPAID SIMS as we know our country are going very bad just because of PREPAID SIMS.

    Q. How cellular Companies Sell PrePaid SIMS without NIC ?


  2. Muhammad Tariq Khan

    The above act of NA parliament is also comes under malpractice as govt and its agencies totally failed to cooped with the terrorist activities and crimes hence now trying to put a burden on public by banning the pre-paid sims. This will also double benefited to 100% foreign cellular companies including Ufone (under etisalat international) working in Pakistan.

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