Computer Mouse Inventor Douglas Engelbart died in US

Computer mouse inventor  Engelbart died in US

Douglas was a electrical engineer and computer scientist

Waashington (USA) / Breaking News (Thursday, July 4th, 2013) – An Electrical Engineerning and Computer Scientist, Mr. Douglas Engelbart died in Maerican state of California on Tuesday at the age of 88. He was first who invested computer much important part, mouse.

Douglas Englebert with his First Mouse invention

Douglas Englebert with his First Mouse invention

He was born in Oregon and carried out his studied in electrical engineering and computer sciences in year 1950. He then joined Stanford Research Institute.

In Standford Research Institute Englebert also worked on following computer fields:-

1- Email
2- Video conferencing
3- Hypertext links
4- ARPAnet (precursor of Internet)

His best work was on mouse. Then mouse was made of wood with two metal wheels. It was year 1970.

Douglas Engelbart invented almost 21 computer things. He wa also National Medal of Technology award in the year 2000 in United States of America.

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