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Conveyance allowance of govt employees to increase by 100% : DailyTimes News Report

Conveyance allowance of govt employees to increase by 100pc

Islamabad (June 26, 2012) – Federal government is likely to enhance the conveyance allowance by 100 percent for the federal government employees from Grade 1 to Grade 19 from July 1, official sources said on Monday.

Transport fares have been witnessing continuous increase during the last few years due to rising fuel prices and conveyance allowance of the federal government was freezed at the level of 2008. However, keeping in view the recent increase in transport fares, the federal government is likely to increase the allowance of its employees by 100 percent, sources said. The allowance for the employees from Grade 1 to Grade 10 is proposed to be increased from Rs 1,150 to Rs 2,300; employees from grade 11 to grade 15 will get from Rs 1,700 to Rs 3,400 and others from Rs 2,480 to Rs 4,960.

The federal government has already monetised the transport facility for the government employees from Grade 20 to 22 since January 1. These officers have sold the cars, which they had acquired on easy installments. Under the monetisation policy, the fuel, repair and maintenance and other expenditures would be the responsibility of civil servants for which he/she would be entitled to monetisation of transport allowance ranging from Rs 95,910 to Rs 65,960 depending upon grades. In the federal budget, the federal government has already announced 20 percent increase in salaries as ad hoc relief for all grades as well as 20 percent increase in pensions of the retired employees. The increase in the conveyance allowance would be over and above the benefit of the increase in the salaries.

(Published in DailyTimes Lahore on June 26, 2012)

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  1. Is it apply to punjab government employees?

  2. Rizwan Munawar Gujranwala

    The notification of revised rates of conveyance allowance has been issued by Ministry of finance vide letter No.F-3(i)-R-5/2010 dated. 03 july 2012.
    The rates are revised as for BPS 1-10 from 1150/- to 1500/-, For BPS 11-15 from 1700/- to 2000/- & for BPS 16-19 from 2480/- to 5000/-. Medical allowance and other benifits are not yet finalized and under consideration and will be implemented till october if fiscal space in budget allowed for this increase.

  3. Well it is a good move for the poor who have to bear the burden of fares daily, which is on the rise as no body is there to ask the owners of Transport for rationalizing the fares.
    But is there any body to think about the Poorest segment of society who are retired from Service but have to travel daily for keeping the life going. We hve no hope of any favor from those who are at the helm of affairs to decide about the increase in conveyance allowance because Pensioners are to move from one city to other on their own feet and have nothing to pay as fare. Please think about this aspect and we the Penioners too have the riht for benefit of increase including the previous held up Medical Allowance as well as Pension as per ratio of Government announced percentage.
    I warn the decision maker of PTET & PTCL to fear the wrath of Allah Almighty because one day you too have to come in our category and will feel the heart burning. Now is the time to do good to your colleagues who have been retired and have no other fora to knock and get justice. Keep onr thing in mind, you too are answerable to Allah.

  4. AOA,

    Please implement these increases in PTCL. Koi Hai ???????

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