Copy of Supreme Court Order in Contempt of Court against PTCL on Dated 10-08-2012 in the case of Nasiruddin Ghouri

Supreme Court Order in Contempt of Court against PTCL on Dated 10-08-2012 in the case of Nasiruddin Ghouri


(Appellate Jurisdiction)


Mr. Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, CJ.

Mr. Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja

Mr. Justice Tariq Parvez

Crl.Org. Petition No.09 of 2012 in Civil Appeal No.241/2011

(Contempt of Court under order XXVH Rule V of the Supreme Court Rules, 1980, read with Article 204 of the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, 1973 for non implementing judgment of this Court dated 7.10.2011)


Nasiruddin Ghouri


Federation of Pakistan thr. Secretary M/o Information Technology and Telecommunicadon (IT & Telecom Division), Govt, of Pakistan, etc.


For the Applicant/Appellant: In person.

For the Respondents:

Mr. Muhammad Munir Peracha, ASC

Mr. Mehmood A. Sheikh, AOR

Ms. Zahida Awan, Manager (Legal)

Farooq Ahmed Awan, Acting Secretary (IT & Telecom)

Date of hearing: 10.08.2012.



 Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, CJ.,- Mr. Muhammad Munir Peracha, learned counsel for the respondent has stated that under a wrong impression, the judgment of this Court dated 7lh October, 2011 has not been implemented as according to respondents review petition has been filed against the said judgment. When we inquired as to whether any request has been made for early fixation of the review petition or any stay order has been obtained, learned counsel could not answer except saying dtat die judgment will be implemented today positively by issuing promotion order of die petitioner as well as making payments of all outstanding dues/salaries to him. Although the department apparently has committed serious contempt of Court yet in view of apology and the statement given at the bar, no further action is called far. The matter is disposed of accordingly.


Supreme Court of Pakistan


Supreme Court Order in PTCL contempt of court August 2012

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