DSL Service Demanded for Badwan, Adenzai, Lower Dir : High Demand of DSL in Batkhela

Ex  Nazim Badwan Jahan Bahadar Khan has demanded DSL internet Broadband Service for Badwan Village and its surroundings.

In Lower Dir District, Badwan is a Union Council, situated on the bank of River Swat. It is a part of Adenzai Tehsil of Lower Dir District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It contains many small villages including Badwan Upper, Badwan Lower, Baghkandi, Safrona, Gadar, Barorri, Leko, Ghwando, Torogato, Swato Banda, Ghazo etc. Its population is approximately 25,000. In the past Badwan was a part of a union council known as Khadagzai Abazai which comprised Badwan, Brangola and Khadagzai. But now Badwan is a separate union council.

Satellite Map Badwan Telephone Exchange District Lower Dir

In Badwan, there is a PTCL digital telephone exchange which covers most of the village. As Badwan is in Dir Lower its area code is 0945. Telephone number of the exchange is 0945-805000. All the phone numbers are with the prefix 805 and 76 e.g. 805xxx. 76xxxx.

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  1. A mobile phone brings more liberty and fun to its users than PTCL. This is the main reason people stopped using it. If PTCL would provide some better services i.e. DSL,people will definitely resume using it…

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