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Govt Employees Reaction on 20% Adhoc Relief in Salaries : Budget 2012-13

Rawalpindi, Lahore (June 2, 2012 / Daily Express) – All labour leaders and workers belonging to different departments has criticized the pay raise announcement in budget 2012-13.

Govt employees scoff at 20pc salary hike

Clerks protest out side parliament house Islamabad

Reacting on the federal budget, the government employees on Friday have shown their disappointment over the 20 per cent raise in salaries.
Punjab Civil Secretariat Employees Association President Malik Ejaz Ahmed, General Secretary Azim Ahmed Bari and Employees Coordination Council Information Secretary Pervaiz Akhtar Awan said the 20 per cent raise in the government employees’ salaries was not proportionate to the inflation.
They said the government should have raised the employees’ salaries in accordance with the skyrocketing prices of electricity, petroleum products and edible items.

They said their pay scales, medical, conveyance allowance or house rent were neither revised nor raised. They said before the budget, the government had made promises with the employees’ representatives that their demands would be met in the budget, but it ignored all demands. They urged the federal government to increase the government servants’ salaries in accordance with the price hike.

Following is the List of labour leaders / unionists:

Civil Secretariat Employees Association office bearers Malik Ejaz Ahmad, Azeem Ahmad Bari, Dr. Naseem ul Ghani and Mehmood Butt.

Employees Coordination Council Secretary Information Dr. Pervaiz Akhtar Awan.

All Pakistan Clerks Association (APCA) central president Nazar Hussain Korai, Punajab president Haji Irshad Ahmad.

Different Labour Associations of Pakistan Railways. Railway Guards Association president Riaz Aasi. Rail Mazdoor Ittehad president Inayat Gujjar,.

Punjab professors and Lecturers Association (PPLA)

Punjab teachers Union

Punjab SES teachers Association

(Emergency meetings today (2-6-2012) for future Line of Action)

Govt employees reaction on pay increase 20 percent

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  1. we Pakistani knows that our president is Crupt so whay we aspect good to him he is bloody dog. we need pray to all mighty Allah that Allah give us a hounarable king for our islamic kingdom. thankx to all

  2. zaedari government na manzor 20% ezafa namanzor go zardari go zardari

  3. Wait for final notofication…As It may unfreeze all the allownces— if this happen then it will also good for employees.

  4. Govt: bhool jaye k log in ko dobara vote den gay

  5. Salary raise is sufficient. Already govt employees are drawing more than what their performance warrants.

  6. Govt have not catered for the needs of Govt Servants whose only earning is the pay. 25% net increase in inflation and goods prices and 20% Gross increase as Adhoc relief is something not enough at all


  8. There are no words for say anything. Only this k Sabar aur Sukar karein Allah Sabar aur Sukar karney wallon ko pasand karta hy aur us mein un k liye barkat deta hy.
    Thanks Allah hamare liye is mein barkat ata farma (Ameen)

  9. ghulam jilani, Accounts Officer,

    The increase in pension 20% is quite in-adequate to meet the basic need of livelihood by the pensioners because they served up to the age of 60 years and physically they are not in a position to to serve / engage in any job due old age.

  10. 20% increase is not simply enough. If Govt. employees will not be paid well then the corruption will remain at its best and will keep increasing not due to greed but due to “need” basis. This phenomenon greatly supported social acceptability to corruption in our society. The estate must own its functionaries and they must be given chance to live life with respect and be enabled to provide basic food, good education, normal standard of living for their families alteast. The discrimination in pay scales and special allowances in different department also need to be reconsider for equal distribution of wealth.

  11. Zardari knows no one likes him nor there is any chance for any british bilawal to lead pakistani’s then y he provide releif to natation??? But they wouldn’t b able to pass simle on the day of judgement they will b rapped in bundles of there evil deeds and then be thrown in the deepest flour of HELL inshalah

  12. Ha ye waqaee election budget hoga, q k itna izafa tu na mumkin tha, s pr tu 35 arb ka kharch hoga, akhiri dinu k lay PM house ko reseach centr bna dia pehlay q nahee, sadar awr PM k lay maraaht k ilan krdia , q k ye bohat ghareeb loog hothay hay , ab agr ye retired hogay tu ghar k say chalaingay , ab b agr koi sarkari mulazim Un ko vote daitha hay tu wo b un k gunahoo may shamil hoga, PPPP awr Itehadi mujay 1500 rupay wala house rent pr day day , ya pir wazara awr arakeen assembly ke tankhawa b BP 17 tk krday tha k ptha chaly,

  13. bad newes of 20 percent incraise of salires

  14. ppp Govrnment ne mulazemo ke sath bht bhda duka keya hai , Allah in ku be Zalel karega , hum ghreb log bad dua ke sewa aur keya kar sakhtey hain , sub haram khuru ku be apney sath melaya huwa hai ,kessi ke be nahi sun tey hain , Seat be chude ne keley be mar tey hain . pakistan ku Apney bap ke Zati jager samaj rahey hain . Inshallah all corrup as Election ke bad nesto nabud hun gey .

    we never vote to ppp.
    after this budget b/coz salaries of govt employees are not increased according to inflation.

  16. PTCL workers must shut down the communication system immediately.
    all workers, clerks and even officers in any scale must come out on roads.
    is tarah nahin chlay ga.
    is tarah hum sabb maray jayein gay.
    main nay pehlay bhe kaha tha kay niklo sarkoon per saloo, kabb nikloo gay jab hum mar jayein gay.
    officer ho ya clerk , halaal khanay waly ka guzara nahin ho raha.
    mere to shadi bhe nahin ho rahe salary ki wajhaa say.
    nikloo bahir.

  17. Govt have not catered for the needs of Govt Servants whose only earning is the pay. 25% net increase in inflation and goods prices and 20% Gross increase as Adhoc relief is something not enough at all

  18. this is what the government is just teasing the employees, and mischiefing the public in their bad language. we may if protest against the increase, but will just be a snowball. because there is no support of poor and needy people. they support only those who are their “Jealay” what is called their workers. the government just want to make the others foolish, and nil minded.
    the government must show their result of the longest democratic government claimer.

  19. gov.of Pakistan not sincere with clerk staff and low grade employee, the budget of first June 2012 is totally fraudulent budget. A Minister of Pakistan or a rich man is purchasing a pant cot in which is price round about 40000 thousands but a low grade employee salary was decided only start 4000 thousand, so how can gov. employee afford daily used things for live and high fie in rates of things days.

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