EOBI Minimum Pension increase From Rs. 3,000 to Rs 3,600

EOBI Minimum Pension increase From Rs. 3,000 to Rs 3,600    
Islamabad (June 1, 2012 / Geo TV Breaking News) – Employees’ Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) has increased the minimum pension from Rs3,000 to Rs3,600. A notification in this regard has been issued. The increase will be effective from January 1, 2012.

EOBI Minimum Pension raised from 3000 to 3600


  1. Yeh Amount bohat kam hai, itne main aaj kal k halaat main guzaara karna bohat mushkil hai. Please is amount ko kam se kam 7500 hona chahye. Thankss


    The increased amount of EOBI pension is being made to pensioner by
    National Bank branches.For this act of kindness, I am thankful to the management of EOBI.The amount of EOBI pension is too small which
    should be minimum R.9000/- P.M OR equal to government employee pension. I am sure that you will consider this suggestion in next

    (Muhammad Shahid Khan)


    Dear sir,
    EOBI pension has been enhanced by twenty percent to all
    EOBI pensioners but the payment of increased pension has not been
    made by the Branches of National Bank of Pakistan as yet due to which EOBI pensioners are facing problems due to expensiveness
    and inflation problem in Pakistan.EOBI management is requested to
    look into the matter and ask the Branches of National Bank of
    Pakistan to arrange the increased amount of pension which is
    the right of pensioner to pay the amount to them in time because
    the Pensioner have no other source of income except pension.

    Best regards

    (Muhammad Shahid Khan

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