Excellence Award for OFS Larkana – A Success Story of PTCL Workers in Flood 2010

Excellence Award to OFS Larkana – A Success Story of PTCL Workers in Flood 2010:

OFS (Optical Fibre) Larkana assigned a task for restoring the disconnected services of PTCL at KN Shah Repeater Hut during heavy flood water. Heavy flood water entered in KN Shah on 2-09-2010, all communication services , electricity and roads were damaged, only boat was the way to reach the R/H and city area is completely vacated due to flood emergency for reaching at K.N. Shah R/Hut time duration 4 hours for up down.

Thus we moved to KN Shah on 12 September 2010 through boat for restoration of disconnected and deteriorated media of PTCL and Ufone, when we reached the location there was stagnant, salty, odorous and polluted water of flood with the height 10 to 12 feet. The hottest sun was putting the flames on every body that causing us vomiting and giddy, the stagnant water of flood affected our physique especially our skin, throat infection. However we tried our level best and took efforts without taking any morsel of food and single drop of pure water, this was a deadly task in their life and extraordinary work for restoration of the OFS systems, powered up and the OLA of both DWDM (ZTE & Huawei) & also UFone become normal and we successfully restored the disconnected Links of the PTCL and Ufone. This practice had been done for two months.
Mr Muahmmad Faisal Siddiki General Manager Technical Hyderabad Awarded yearly Excellence Award to OFS team Larkana on behalf of Mr Muhammad Nasrullah CTO ptcl H/Q Islamabad.

Name of OFS Larkana Team

1, Sikander Ali Mugheri E.S OFS Team leader Larkana
2, Rasool Bux Mirjat Technician OFS TML Larkana
3, Mumtaz Ali Khokhar LM OFS TML Larkana
4, Ali Hassan Bhutto LM OFS TML Larka

Remarks of General Manager OTSR Karachi.

Subject: Restoration of Damaged Network
Further to the report submitted on 11-09-2010 and after strike call-off the restoration work is in progress. Special emphasis has been given to the corporate complaints i.e DXX, PRI/BRIs and IPLCs/Leased lines.
Following activities were completed by different teams.

1. OFS Repeater K.N. Shah, powered up and the OLA of both DWDM ( ZTE & Huawei ) becomes normal on 12.9.2010 at 1630 Hrs. DG set started. NEs were off line due heavy flood water entered in OFS R/H K.N. Shah and in city area round 15Kms. No any entrance in the city, roads are blocked due to flood water, only boat is the way to reach the R/H and city is completely vacated due to flood emergency. No food is available in the nearby areas.
OFS Larkana team has really made an extraordinary work for restoration of the K.N Shah OLA, and their services and dedication, needs to be appreciated at higher level with special reward please.

Warm Regards,
General Manager (Operations)
Transmission (South) KARACHI.
Tel:- 009221-32767274


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    OFS Team is appreciated for best struggle to restore media. Hard workers like such team is our needs to evaluate Organization.

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