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Federal Govt Decides to Setup New Pay & Pension Commission for Revised Pay Scales

Islamabad (September 16, 2011) – Government of Pakistan has decided to form new Pay and Pension Commission for New Pay Scales and Pension fund.

Federal Govt decided to Setup Pay & Pension Commision for revised pay scales - Express 17-9-2011

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  1. It is requested that previous Govt was stopped move over of all Govt Employees BPS No.01 to 15 but some departments employees did great protest against this step. Therefore, Govt increased basic scales only for those department employees. Under mentioned chart as example CDA,APCA, etc for info please.

    Whereas, other employees of different departments specially technical staff are great facing/ feeling this difference /injustice.

    Forgoing in view, please equal Basic Scales designation vise for all Govt departments Employees especially technical staff. So that, these employees can feel justice. It will most effect then to increase of pay.

  2. The main stumbling block of our way is in fact, not adhering to the court cases. We keep on praising our opponents/defendants now and then. Although there is no reason why a defendant would favor the plentif PTCL pensioners instead of watching his own interest whether it be PTCL,PTET or government of Pakistan. There is no proper follow up of the court cases.In the month of March the hearing date was fixed as 13-3-2011 .After the lapse of more than three months the new date of hearing was fixed as 17-6-2011. Since the last date of hearing fixed as 17-6-2011 no further new date of hearing has been announced.I even more think that since the government is a party in the court case we should treat it only as a defendant like all others and nothing more. The PTCL/PTET and all other defendants have to defend their own interests.The sooner we understand this very simple principle the batter would it be for all those who are of ordinary prudence. It hurts me much to hear such news that the PTCL /PTET and other defendants are working in favor of ptcl pensioners but no one explains why would the respondents work in favor of PTCL pensioners instead of defending themselves. What sort of temporary relief or status-quo has been obtained since the institution of court cases except lingering on the cases without any cogent reason.

    I would therefor,advise all my brother PTCL Pensioners to keep an eye on their own job i.e. following up the court cases vigorously instead of wasting time on other activities.If the government wants to make any compromise its proper way is to give statement in the court. I f my services are required in any matter at any time i am ready to render the same without any remuneration.

  3. PTCL woh wahid Department tha ghatay men naheen chal raha tha bad qismati say hamarey mazi k hukmaranoon nay usay sair pay bach dala us din say eployees ko taurture kiya gia k tumhen nikal dengey bad men scem Golden hand cash mutarf karai jofarmdiagay un kaoparlikha giya noneeded barichalakisay retairement lane par majboor kiya giya laken us men kaha giya tumhen govt employees trasfer kiya jaogay badqismatihamariour hamaray mulukkiya hay k hamen samjh men naheen atakiya hora hay ya corption kiintaha horahiha koicheckand balance naheen department k oficer jhootboltehen court fasle kartihay phirbhiamalnaen hotastanding cometiodernikaltihay us par amalnahen hota idaroon ko samjh men naheen atakon chala rahahe kiya idaoon men bathe howe log mulkdusman hen awamdushman hain mulkkoganda our badnamkarne ki koshish kar rahe hen koi bhi jaiz kam roten men nahen ho raha har jaiz kam k lia hartaleen karo ya hamare piyare pakistan ka manshoor hay is pakistan ke lia hamare baroon na qurbaniyaan den thin afsoos sad afsoos ham aajzi say hamare buzrgoon hukmarnoon say jo ruoten ka kam hen un ko ruten ka mutabic kardena acha hota hay warna badnami hote hay hamare mulk ki our hamare Department ki


  5. Federal Govenement should not grant CMA allowance instead of vehicle facility because they will avail both CMA allowance and vehicle also.This practice already in vogue in PTCL.

  6. Dear all PTCL Pensioners,
    We don’t now why Pay & Pension Commission in March next year. We are already worstly suffering by the non-implemenation of announcement of budget 2010-11 and 2011-12, as announced in Budget. The Management of PTCL, even President Zardari, PM Gillani, Services Chiefs, All Senators, MNAs, MPAs, and all others are not listen the voice of PTCL Pensiones, PM Gillani promised in Multan, Stand Committee of Barjee Tajir agreed, Firdoos Ashiq Awan also giving signals for resolve the PTCL Pensioners problems,………….. When we don’t know, Allmighty Allah Best Knows, we are praying for the our right to Allmighty Allah, or on the day of judgement we will get our right from the stake-holders. So Don’t worry PTCL Pensioners
    Good Bye
    Abdul salam

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