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Federal Govt Formed Committee for Increase in Employees Salaries

Islamabad (May 9, 2012) – Federal Government has formed a committee headed by finance minster. The committee will make a report to submit to Prime Minister of Pakistan on the issue of Pay increase of public servants / Government employees in the coming annual budget 2012-13. Report will be submit within a period of a week.

(Published in Daily Nawaiwaqt Islamabad / Rawalpindi on May 10, 2012)

Committee Formed for Govt employees pay raise - Daily Nawaiwaqt 10-5-2012

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  1. Poor PTCL pensioners should not sheer their joy to read this news since PTCL GHOST Management not going to extend full relief as announced by Govt of Pakistan.

    Previously in last two years enhancement PTCL Management extended only half of percentage (instead full relief) towards poor pensioners & furhter Honorable court also passed judgement in favor of PTCL Pensioners but PTCL GHOST Management didnt accepted the honorable court decision & last two years pension relief still UN-PAID & being denied by PTCL Management.

    Almost 4 – 5 old aged pensioners are dying in every month without having any pensioner’s relief announced by Govt of Pakistan.

    Who is going to answer about it & who is accountable for the un-paid relief of the Dead pensioners & alive (striving for their right) ?

    Its all reflects LAWLESNESS in all over the country, like Prime Minister himself denied the court order for his conviction & what to talk for poor PTCL pensioners.

  2. Malik Khuda Bux

    Dear hussain Rana Sahib bashik app aik azeem leader hy hum app ky lia Allah Pak Sy Dua Go Hy k AllAh Pak app ko Himat Atta farmay may ny gali sirf dalal union zia, sangi & Lala ko dia hy 1ik sal hony ko hy in bagharito ny bilkul khamoshi ka roza rakha hoi hy hamay gila hy to in in 3 bagharito sy hy jinho ny poray PTCL ko bach ky kaha lia hy. 1 Dafa phir in 3 dalo sy guzarish hy k uthay strike or road py nikalnay ka elan kay magar mushkal hy in ka gharit sheikh ny shouro din sy kharid liya hy. Yad Rakhay Zia, Allah PAK K Ha Deer Hy Andheer Nahi Aik Din Allah Pak tum 3no ko sharminda karay ga yad rakhna.


  4. I hope govt will give relief to govt servants. May they increse100 percent pay

  5. muhammad.fayyaaz

    janab Hassan Muhammad Rana sb kabhi fursat milay tow hum workers ki pay slip utha kar dekhain jo k GPF Advance aur loans se bhari pari hain hum kis tarah guzara kar rahay hain ye hamain hi pata hai Khudara ab tow sab aik ho jain .aur hum worker ka kuch sochain

  6. 150% equally pay scale revised in forthcoming budget 2012-13 for BPS-1 to BPS-22, and all adhoc allowance will be marge into basic pay of government employees.

  7. what will happen with NCPG employees as PM said in his speech on 1st may that he is going to regularise all contract employees ???

  8. Respected Head of Committee Honourable Fin Minister
    Please humbly look into govt pensioners they are looking what you recommend.Please equal amount which increase in total salary be also given to govt pensioners. As per news approx 75% to 100 % pay is being increase. so please also increase equal increase of 75% to 100% pension of govt pensioners. God will help you and President of pakistan.
    Amir Zarif Hussain govt pensioner

  9. Hassan Muhammad Rana

    Mali Khuda Buksh Sb
    Aap Union walon ko ghalian day rahay hain.Ham nay 2010 main aap ki khatar jang lari aur PTCL intzamia nay hamain Bartaraf kar dia.Hum 2 saal say bartaraf hain aur aap nay hamain bhi un main mila diya.ALLAH aap ko mazeed khushian day.Kisi ki achai ko bhi yaad kiya karo

  10. For allah Sack federal Government look into the matters of PTCL workers who still depriving for Last year Revised Pay scale and Now looks Other federal workers of government sector for comming enhancment in their salries which is expected on 25th of this month.I requested on the behalf of all PTCL sincere and devoted Pakistani workers from PM Gillani and President of Pakistan Asif Zardari to save the future of the children of those employees which are still contributing in the economy of pakistan since its independence to protect pakistan,s future and consider PTCL as a Special case and release all the snatched enhancements in salaries since 2008,furthermore etisalat administartion may be warrned further that “NO STATE IS ALLOWED WITHIN A STATE”.

  11. The federal Minister is requested to know and realize the grievences of the PTCL employees who still depriving of revise pay scale 2011 and include them in the comming budget as a special case because these employees are also pakistani and facing inflation like others employees.

  12. Respected President of Pak
    The above new dated 10.5.2012 is on pay but no any news on increase of pension of govt pensioners. Requested to please also increase 50% on pension with medical allowance being old citizen
    amir Zarif Hussain govt pak pensioners

  13. new scales diay ja rahay hain. ptcl ka nam budget speech ma hoga inshaallah k ye ptcl per b lagoo hongay. new scales on tmam departments per lago hongay jahan jahan govt scales k mutabuq pay de ja rahi hai. Unions ka koi hath nahi hoga is may. Ptcl say confirmation bhee mangi ja”ay gi k onhon nay new scales k mutabiq salary de ya nahi.

  14. But what will be at PTCL?????
    PTCL employees will contiinue as previous without new scale, govt incresings, and any increment.
    So all PTCL Employees work hard and wait for unknown help from Allah.

  15. Malik Khuda Bux

    Allah Hamary Leadero Ko Mary union walo ki bagharity ki waja say hum worker ajj zalil hai in bagharito ko sheikh ny kharid lia hai or apnay barway pay lagia hoia hai.all Pakistan may ptcl jesa currept union nahi hai in dalo ki khamoshi ki waja say or haram pay ki waja say ajj ptcl ka her worker khon ky anso ro raha hai.
    Union walo kamino utho gharit karo road py niklo or dekh lo tum ko kia kuch nahi milta magar mushkal hay in ko koi gharit hy,Sub sy Bara bagharit Zia-ud-din and company or 2, 3 hai,

  16. Allah karney wala hai beshak ,but PTCL Etisalat have many Unjustice corrupt officers with invalment deap and dump stage justice is not possible for PTCL workers from unjustice etisalat managment , MAZDUR WORKERS SUCH SEY THK CHUKEY HAIN now we wait for pension , Where the Justice from ppp Govt with etisalat non-gazzated staff waiting from long time 24 years (SAME CADRE) for departmental promotion units officers make persnal friendly staff junior staff converd into senior for du nombers billing ETC / Pay revised 2011 still pending ignored /

  17. Allah karay Ptcl ki bhe salaries per bhe kuch amal darammad ho jaya wasay umeed to nh ha.

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