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General Information for PTCL Pensioners by APPPAC

General Information for PTCL Pensioners by APPPAC

PTCL Pensioner Funding Issue - Important Notice
PTCL Pensioner Funding Issue – Important Notice

Comment from the PTCL Pensioners on Facebook

Muhammad Akram
(1)It may be CONFIRMED FINALLY AND CATEGORICALLY that THEIR ARE NO CHANCES OF RECOVERY and as such PENSIONERS ARE REQUESTED TO MAKE FRESH CONTRIBUTION.(2) It is suggested that each front line member of the APPPAC should be given target for recovery keeping in view the extent of the shortage of the FUNDS.(3)Give the closing balances as on 30-4-2014 AND 31-3-2016 AS PER CASH BOOK TODAY for further comments to resolve the problem,SINCE THE MATTER IS ALREADY MUCH DELAYED.
Zarin Khan
Batkhela mey 4-5 maheeny pehly alamgir redt TO Peshawar meeting key liay ja raha tha 3000/: rupey jama nahi karwai Jo key nainsafi hy saddiq Ali bhai ko 1 mah pehly inform kar dia tha brahe karam inn mohamilate ka notice lain pl Zarin Khan
Fazal Ali
what is fact . dont blame as ptcl and ptet .govt wants to destroy our unity .if this is fact why not call a meeting in rawalpindi or peshawer and discuss and solve this matter .i am requesting to all kindly solve this matter for sake of old pensioners .come to fight for right of pensioners
Anwar Ali Bhatti
So-called leaders of PTCL Pensioners are old unionist and corrupts and now blaming to each
Latif Babar
Very sad to know all this. My dear fellows in the part of life we are passing now demand us to be more and more honest and trustworthy .If all that is mentioned is correct which seems real then it is very shameful .I suppose there are sufficient find available but if any further demand arises we can contribute further
It is not the time to quarrel with each other least we may be weak and our enemy wishes the same to defeat us
May almighty Allah help us
Khalid Javaid
Khudara tumam ikhtalafat khatam kar k apas mein itfaq peada karien aur mufad parast anasar ki nishan dehi kar k in kali behron ka qilaqama karien ta k aap ki anthak kawish aur 40,000 Ptcl Pensioners ki duaion sa ALLAH KAREEM ne jo kamyabi atta ki hai us par barwaqat amal daramad mumkan ho sake ye tabi mumkan hai jab aap apne tumam ikhtalafat bhula kar ijtamaye koshish karien,ALLAH hum Sub ka Hami o Nasar ho aur hamare liye assania peada farmaye aameen.

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