Global Employee Survey from Etisalat Group

Dear All PTCL Employees,

 Etisalat, in collaboration with its Operating Companies (OpCos), is launching a Global Employee Survey that shall incorporate the perception of the Group-wide employees regarding different aspects of their respective companies as well as Etisalat group. The underlying concept is to understand the mindset of our people so as to have a pulse on their thought process regarding how Etisalat group can become an effective telecom operator at the international level. This shall further serve to comprehend the strengths of our organization, hence allowing us to strategize our success, and at the same time, work towards triggering a realistic change process. In this regard, enclosed message from Group Chief HR (GCHRO) and Group chief Marketing (GCMO) regarding the launch of the Survey may be perused:

 We, as part of the Global Etisalat Family, need to realize the importance of this initiative and I urge upon our employees to actively participate in the survey to make it a success. This will be an online survey which will be communicated to you in coming days along with necessary guidelines.

  Best Regards

Syed Mazhar Hussain/SEVP (A&P/HR)/PTCL

Message from Etisalat Survey Group Chief HR & Group Chief Marketing

Dear all,

We   are   delighted   to   announce   that   we   will   soon   be   launching   the   Global   Etisalat   Employee  Survey. This survey is important as it will, for the first time, give us a single picture of how our employees across the world are thinking and feeling.

This is a partnership effort between Group HR and Group Brand working together to develop and    manage      the   survey.   For   HR,   the   Brand    and   Values    are   critical  components      of   our organizational     culture.    In  Marketing,      we   believe   that   our   Brand    is  just  as  important     to
employees as it is for customers. The survey will give both teams vital insights for some of the major   programs   being   delivered   in   2011.   For   companies   at   a   local   level,   the   survey   will   help teams improve employee engagement which we know drives company performance.

 This partnership approach extends also to the Communication teams who are working to drive awareness   and   response   rates.   We   thank   everyone   involved   for   helping   make   this   initiative happen and for the future work that will take place to ensure the survey findings are addressed
where needed.

 We   encourage   all   employees   to   take   the   survey.   Please   use   this   as   an   opportunity   to   speak your mind and help shape the future of Etisalat as a global operator. We are a diverse spread of companies       with   different    talents,   expertise    and   knowledge.      We    need    to   harness    these strengths and collaborate more as a united team if we are to take our position on the global stage.

 Thank     you   again   for  your   support     and   cooperation.     We    look   forward    to   receiving   your feedback.

Abdul Aziz Ahmed Saleh Al Sawaleh                                      Essa Al Haddad
Group Chief Human Resources Officer                                    Group Chief Marketing Officer

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