Good News for Broadband (DSL) Users : PTCL SMART TV (IPTV) – 50% Reduction in Set Top Box (STB) price

Good News for Broadband (DSL) Users : PTCL SMART TV (IPTV) – 50% Reduction in Set Top Box (STB) price :

Smart TV (IPTV) is exciting service of PTCL for Landline Broadband users. To eliminate the barrier of High STB price for customers, PTCL management has decided to reduce the STB prices to an affordable level with a significant  reduction in prices including :

*    50% reduction in Smart TV  STB  price (from PKR 9,995/- to PKR 4,999/-)
*    50% reduction  in Smart TV STB monthly installment (from PKR 500/- to PKR 250/- a month, recoverable over 24 months).
*    The offer is valid for new Sales, while all existing customers will stay on previous terms.
*    This is a limited time offer.

*    Creating awareness of Smart TV reduced price offer
*    Increase in demand for PTCL Smart TV orders, by bringing it in reach of the masses
*    To increase PTCL’s share in the competitive TV market
*    Project a better image of PTCL and PTCL Smart TV
*    Re-emphasize PTCL Smart TV as the best choice for crystal clear digital TV, with features such as Timeshift TV and VOD service.

Triple Play Econo Package:
Triple Play Econo-(Revised IPTV STB price & MRC)

Option-A          One Time STB Price
PKR 4,999/-

Option-B          Monthly STB Installment
(for 24 months)

PKR 250/- (sum total Rs. 6000/-)
Revised monthly recurring charges (MRC)
PKR 449/-
Total Amount recovered for IPTV from customer
PKR 699/- (250+449)

·         Option (a) Rs 25/- x No. of movies watched.

·         Option (b) Rs 300/- for unlimited movies*

*fair usage policy, 30 movies per month; every additional VOD will be charged at Rs 25/- per movie per 24 hour.

Affective date: 28 October 2010

Smart TV Cities:

1.     Karachi
2.     Lahore
3.     Islamabad
4.     Rawalpindi
5.     Faisalabad
6.     Multan
7.     Peshawar
8.     Hyderabad
9.     Gugranwala
10.    Sargodha
11.    Sukkur
12.    Gujrat
13.    Jehlum
14.    Taxila
15.    Wah Cantt
16.    Abbottabad

PTCL Smart TV (IPTV) STB now on Half Rate


  1. Adnan Zubairy says:

    it working v. Nice.
    since 3 months .

  2. M. Asif Javed says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please start your service in Toba Tek Singh also, we fed-up with local cable operators.

  3. when it will be start in shakargarh

  4. plz plz plz plz plz launch your ptcl smart tv in wazirabad we like your this smart tv but your this service is not available in our city we are waiting in launching your smart kindly grand please urgently launch your smart tv in wazirabad

  5. Rana Zeeshan says:

    Will this ptcl smart tv effect on our DSL line or speed of internet?

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