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Government of Pakistan issue Notifications of increase in Pension and Medical Allowance for Civil and Military Retired Employees/pensioners

Government of Pakistan issue Notifications of increase in Pension and Medical Allowance for Civil and Military:

Announced in Federal Budget 2010-2011 that Pensioners or retired employees of civil and military will receive 15% to 20% increase in pension and 20% to 25% of total pension drawn as a medical allowance.  Notification issued by Finance division vide memorandum No.F.4(1)-Reg.6/2010/721 dated Islamabad 5th July, 2010  and No.F.16(1)-Reg.6/2010-778  dated Islamabad 5th July, 2010

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    Please confirm this increase also apply to EXTRA ORDINARY PENSION sanctioned under Punjab government?

  2. muhammad ashraf

    Dear Sir,
    I m getting pension through post office from Pakistan air force,can I get it through bank account please guide

  3. Imran Ahmed Khan

    my father was died in oct 1995 my mother is getting the pesion 0f father,Now is she admisible for the gratuity which was same father can get after ten years policy of gvoernment

  4. My email is zafar.fcma@gmail.com, my mobile No. is 03005515251

  5. Salam, can any one having “pension increase notifications” from 1998 up till now? Actually I am having some confusion in calculating my father’s pension arrears who retired in January 1998. I would be grateful if some one could send me the scanned copies of the same.


    Zafar Ahmed

  6. A-O-A

    It is regret to say, that we the civil servant of Federal Government converted into Ptc and then Ptcl are still deprived by increase in Pension announced by the Federal Minister for Finance in Annual Budget 2010-2011. and clear orders of Finance division.we strongly condemn the action by the Ptcl/Ptet Management for not issuing the increase notification in pension after lapse of six(6) Months.the Pensioners are in great trouble.the daily use-able and essential things are increasing day by day and the cost reaches to the sky, but the concern Ptcl authorities are not paying their attention towards poor and oldage Pensioners,we dont know what are the real reasons behind the scene,
    The Finance Minister is requested to please look into the matter and direct Ptcl Management to issue increase Notification/order of Ptcl Pensioners with out further delay,
    Amanullah Vss Optee,
    Ptcl Pensioner.

  7. assalamu alaikum wa rehmatullah wa barakatouh

    very useful site for ptcl workers on duty & pensioners but regret that pensioners of ptcl harassed by present management of ptcl not increased in pension amount till Nov, 10. what will be of senior citizens in these dearness age. do some for !!!!!

  8. my father is retired from ptcl. The notification is not acted by Ptcl (for increasing pension).Tsis is totally wrong act and cheat with pensioners. ok thanks

  9. Hello Sir !
    It is injustice to neglect military pensioners for the medical allowance. The matter should be look into.

  10. A.O.A
    @ rana javed iqbal . the Med allow of 25% allowed and the national bank authority have make entry of the medical allow in the pension book of all govt pensioner . we can draw pension with diff of july 2010 wnich was due non entry of the bank national bank authority . in the notification govt will not allowed the medicine paid on local purchase will have stopped for every entitlement hospitals only they treatment outdoor treatment . reply my comments

  11. Family pension has been increased from 50% to 75%. what is meant by this? 25% enhancement has previous increases of 10%, 15% 15% of 2005,2006,2009 respectively? mobile no.0321 8868586 Tahir.

  12. I am a VSS optee with length of service 13 years in PTCL. I received some news about 10 years service caused pensionable. kindly communicate me if any case regarding it has been approved.my no is 03332177661. Iwill be so thankful to you.

  13. A.O.A
    @ Janab Jvaid Iqbal i have read your comments but i want to ask why they not mentioned the rise of mdical allowace in the notification that the which pensioner not take those facilities or not applicable for this facilities.when i got my pension they not increase my 15% pension also plus med allowance and say later on we add rise of sum . please tell me where i confirm . i am retire as civilian from military engineering services also i cannot belongs CMH facilities … this is my problem please help me….-):

  14. Hi Sir,
    It is very sorry that the medical allowance for retired military personal has not been approved for the reason that they avail the military hospitals. It is quite injustification with the retired military personal. Every department provide medical facility to their retired personal for example. WAPDA havinf their own hospital, PTCL also avail the medical facility from their hospitals and there are social security hospitals, even that all general and governments hospitals from where every one can avail the medical facility from the hospitals. Why the such kind of injustification with the retired military personal? They have the right to go to the court for this purposes. Please look into the matter with great affection and intrest and also allowed to draw the medical allowance as like civilian retired. Thanks

    With Regards
    Rana Javaid Iqbal

  15. I am really surprised to know that there is not increase in pension and medical allowance of the pensioner of PTCL despite the clear order of the higher authourities. The role of PTET/PTCL is like stepfather. This should be eliminated.


    Medical allowance will be increase after increasing the pension in 15% or not is not clear thank you.

  17. Mirza Riaz Baig


  18. Mirza Riaz Baig

    This notification is issued by Finance Division not by the PTCL,which is still awaited.

  19. Sallamz.. someone please tell me exact Policy or notification.. i read in this notifications that minimmum pension from 2000rs to 3000rs but i have question m getting my father pension but which is 1800 something.. means not minimmum 2000. and now its increase i will take pension 1800 20% plus.. not 3000rs.. please someone help.. my father was in PTCL in sukkur city as supervisor.

  20. Assalam o Alakum,

    Please send me Notification of Punjab govt. of increase in pay and pension with medical allowance.



    Kaleem haider

  21. It is not clear that whether the existing facilities provided to the PTCL employees(Retired)through PTCL dispensaries will be continued or withdrawn?

  22. Muhammad Tauqeer


    A great effort for the awareness of the PTCL staff as well as VSS holders/pensioners.ALLAH KHUSH RAKHAY.
    Notifications haven`t been available so easily but this site made it quite easily.Thanks to its organizers.


  23. Ahmad Rashid Babur

    very respectfully getting the honour to pass on my comments over your nice effort to inform ptcl employees particularly,after having the knowledge of your site now all my colleagues are well informed and enhance our knowledge by visiting your site regularly.
    May you be happy and get all blessings.

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