Government Reinstated Higher Education Advance Increments Scheme

Government of Pakistan (Finance Division) Reinstated Higher Education Advance Increments:

Govt. of Pakistan Finance division (regulation wing) has issued notification regrading reinstatement of advance increment on the basis of higher education on dated June 18, 2011.

Text of Notification


Government of Pakistan

Finance Division

(Regulation Wing)

No.F.1(6)Imp/2000-392                                            Islamabad the 18th June, 2011



The undersigned is directed to refer to Finance Division OM. No. F.1(7)Imp-II/87 dated 1.7.1987 and 1(12)Imp-II/91 dated 29.6.1991 on the above subject and to state that in pursuance FST Lahore Judgment in Appeal No. 17(L)CS/2005 dated 26.3.2010 and in-continuation of this division letter dated 3.6.2010.

It has been decided that Advance Increments for acquiring /possessing higher qualification will be admissible to those officials who have been promoted to higher post on the basis of seniority-cum-fitness but were not allowed advance increment to those who posses the same qualification, prescribed for the said promotional post.

The above decision is applicable in all identical cases prior to 1.12.2001 (i.e. the date of discontinuation of the scheme)

(Syed Shahid Akhtar)
Section Officer (Imp)

Encl: As above

All Ministries/Divisions/Departments


Notification - Grant of Advance increment on basis of higher education




  1. attention Plz, anybody have notification of increment on the bases of MA/MSc

  2. Can some one post the photo copy of Finance Division’s O.M No.F-1(7)Imp-II/87 dated 1.7.1987 and 1(12)Imp-II/91 dated 29.6.1991

  3. Is there any appeal made for advance increaments by any of the employee who acquied higher qualification after 2001. If so please mention its detail.

  4. Adnan Rasheed says:

    I need circular of finance division regarding M.Phill/ Phd allowance of Government of Pakistan, not govt of punjab, kindly help me

  5. Inayat Rahman Baloch says:

    This is only for those who possess higher degree before 2001 and if their increments are due, they will be allowed for the previous period before the 2001, it is clear that same is not allowed for those who got higher degrees after 2001 onwards. But i think Government should allow same to all if they are using word “restored”. Thanks

  6. ase tell me anyone whether those employees who got the higher qualification after 2001 i.e. 2002, 2003-2011, will be admissible for advance increments. i have doubt about the sentence

    “The above decision is applicable in all identical cases prior to 01-12-2001 (i.e. the date of discontinuation of the scheme).

    Please tell me US the meaning of above sentence.


  7. it is only for promotion cases prior to 2001 or all employees who were not allowed advance increament kindly clarify

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