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Govt Employees Conveyance Allowance decided to Increase

Govt Employees Conveyance Allowance decided to Increase – Summary sent to Secretary Finance

Islamabad (Daily express Lahore / June 26, 2012) – Federal Government of Pakistan has decided to raise the conveyance allowance of public servants having Scale 1 to 19. In this regard a summary has been sent to secretary Finance from Regulation Wing , Ministry of Finance.

Proposed New Conveyance Allowances (Grade Wise)

Employees having Grade 1 to 10 = 1500

 Employees having Grade 11 to 15 = 2040

Employees having  Grade 16 to 19 = 5000

Federal Govt Employees Conveyance Alowance decided to Increase


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  1. Rizwan Munawar Gujranwala

    The notification of revised rates of conveyance allowance has been issued by Ministry of finance vide letter No.F-3(i)-R-5/2010 dated. 03 july 2012.
    The rates are revised as for BPS 1-10 from 1150/- to 1500/-, For BPS 11-15 from 1700/- to 2000/- & for BPS 16-19 from 2480/- to 5000/-. Medical allowance and other benifits are not yet finalized and under consideration and will be implemented till october if fiscal space in budget allowed for this increase.

  2. Dear Raja Auranzaib Khan Sahib AOA Kindly guide me in what coditions conveyance allowance is not allowed. Jaisa kay hamaray ilm man hay kay jo log working premises man rehtay han unko vonveyance allowance nahi dena

  3. I think we all listen very gentle news about salary but all were the false news and now i think that news may be the right because Pakistan Military Department also posted this news on their website and they post the accurate news. But we have to wait for the notification. 😛
    Hope for the best.

  4. Azmat Yousufzai

    I do not believe that it will be reality because budget that claimed highly for the welfare of employees and the Govt totally failed so i think if this is rumor so the Govt needs to take a legal action against Daily Express Newspaper that why advertised such a baseless news. I do not have any optimistic from the Govt that provide any relief to the employees in such a high rates. So let wait and see what Mr Raja sb does. He is the new player

  5. mr raja ok tht means u must hav all in4mation so wht abt tha all conyance.medical nd h.r or we shd to wait 4 final notification?

  6. sb bakwas ha asa kuch bhee nahee hona

  7. Raja Aurangzeb Khan

    Dear All, I am working in Ministry of Finance. It is 100% rummer please don’t consider this false news correct. I don’t know from where Mr. Arshad Ansari got this news and published in Newspapers.
    Whereas, in Finance Ministry where all decisions made totally blank about this increasing conveyance allowance. Just rummer yaar

  8. The allowance for the employees from Grade 1 to Grade 10 is proposed to be increased from Rs 1,150 to Rs 2,300; employees from grade 11 to grade 15 will get from Rs 1,700 to Rs 3,400 and others from Rs 2,480 to Rs 4,960.

  9. This is wrong NEWS…
    The amounts is deffered….
    Check the Link and Correct
    Daily Times

    Pakistan Tribune

  10. Iftikhar Mughal

    Yeh sub akhbar ki khabren hain Budget sey pehly bhut khabren chappin lakin saway 20% adhoc allowance ke kuch bhi nahi.Khoda Pahar nikla chooha. Jab tak notification naa aae Kush fahmi men na raho.

  11. plz incrase 1500 3000 5000 like this or more 2000 4000 6000

  12. jb tak Zia Jesa Leader H PTCL Walo Ko Kuch b Nahi Malay Ga.
    App Log ALLAH PAK Sy Apnay Service Ki Hifzat Ki Dua Mangay. Increase tu door ki batt h. Kameez Tu Bagharto ny bach dia h ab shalwar ki bari h. Plz app Allah Pak sy Mango Baqi kuch b nahi h.

  13. Conveyance Allowance should be same for all employees i.e Rs.5000/= per month.All face same problems.


  14. is it confirm

  15. this is just a little piece to silent for sometime against budget

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