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Budget 2012-13, Govt Employees Pay Increase Formula Now Ready

Budget 2012-2013 : Govt Employees Pay Raise Formula Ready for Final Approval

Islamabad (May 25, 2012 / Daily Jang Lahore) – In Annual Fiscal Budget 2012-13, Federal Government has prepared formula of public servants / government employees pays increase.

Main Points of Pay raise Formula :

1- Basic pay Increase = 35%

(Merger of Adhoc relief allowances of budget 2010-11 (50%) and budget 2011-12 (15%) in Basic Pay)

2- Medical Allowance Increase = 100%

3- Conveyance Allowance Increase = 100%

4- House Rent Allowance = 45% of revised basic pay

Expected net increase in Salaries of government employees = 40% to 50%

Finance Division Recommendations for Budget 2012-13


Formula of Salaries Raise of Govt employees in budget 2012-2013



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  1. The post of Tech upgraded to the post of chief Tech (BPS-17) by the Chief Minister KPK in Health Department but the employees working on these posts have not yet been adjusted because the KPK Finance department has not reflected these posts in the Budget Estimates 2012-13, therefore, it is humbly requested that to issue separate notification for creation of these posts at the earliest, as the case may be, in the public interest.

  2. since 1947 after the death of Hazrat Qaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah All these polititions feriously LOot khasoot still going on polititions beaurucracy judiciary and big army genearls and some strong busimen are a Mafia they are involved in LOOt KHASOOT They do nothing for GOVT EMPLOYES

  3. They are telling lie they are big zalim hukamrano se khair ki umeed nahi

  4. as i told u eralier, that acording to bilor, only 20% increase is planned, and time proved me right…
    these are our baggers govt leaders and they deserve more than anyone among us, so in bhooky hukamrano k pait bharny tak in se koi umeed rakhna bewakufi hai..
    ALLAH pak in k pait Mitti se hamesha k lye bhar de,,. AAMEEN


  6. tum malai koss khee gain peoples party chorotais mali jaar nenoo poray gatoee han masath daroot niss ya tum dejaray phat thot

  7. wo khab sohana toot gaya,umeed gae atbar gaya!!!!!111111

  8. ab sb ko sakoon ho gya ho ga, media ne jo aag lagai hui thi, 2 months se……………

  9. Afsos k ajj budjet pesh ho gia hai lekan esa nai hua.?

  10. kash aisa ho jaiy

  11. What increase in the budget in stenographer special pay allowance

  12. Lets See.

    junaid afzal isakhel

  13. please send me any update news about increase in Govt employees salaries.sbutt2020@yahoo.com
    Salman Butt

  14. nasreen shaukat

    please increase salaries of grade 1 to 10 servants 100 percent in upcoming budget and give promotion and increments as per qualification and seniority as per teaching staff.


    We request government to please increase 100% salaries of all govt employees of Punjab.

  16. wazir ahmed khan jabri,

    i requested to pk APICA To plese do somthing before 1st june,
    we have todays only to unite and do strike for implamentation of ppc prosed pay formula for all gov empolyees,
    if we do strike on 1st june which i thing will be useless,
    we should do participate tomorrow and next day strike, to achive goal,
    i appriciate the ppc ups pay formula
    which is equall for all gov empollyees,
    i requested to all gov servent to do unite in tomorrow stricke,

  17. Senior Minister bashir bilor of KPK indicated only 20% increase in basic pay of employees in the budget 2012..
    we reject this with thanks and ask them if they need any thing more from people of Pakistan..
    All Employees (KPK)

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