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Govt of Pakistan considers banning pre-paid mobile SIMs

Govt of Pakistan considers banning pre-paid mobile SIMs     

Islamabad (Wednesday, August 22, 2012) – Government of Pakistan is considering banning pre-paid SIMS in a bid to increase security vigilance and curb terrorist activities, Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik said on Wednesday, 22nd August, 2012.

Prepaid Mobile Phone Sim Ban

Talking to reporters here, he said that a final decision in this regard would be taken after taking all stakeholders on board. He said that the government had jammed cellular phones in a bid to foil terror plots on Eid-ul-Fitr.

Prepaid Mobile Sims Ban

Referring to the inquiry into the attack on the Kamra air base, he said that progress had been made and domestic elements involved in the attack had been identified. He said that information had been gathered by the ministry two weeks ago that terrorists were planning to carry out several attacks, which had been foiled by jamming mobile phones.
According to him, terrorists use cell phones for carrying out terrorist activities. Terrorists, he said, had planned to attack important installations in major cities on Eidul Fitr. He said that the jamming of cellular phone communication had also helped in decreasing various crimes, particularly targeted killings.
Reiterating various irregularities in pre-paid cell phone schemes, he said that efforts were under way to ban SIM cards issued on fake ID cards to bolster security.
For pre-paid service, Malik said, people submitted wrong information and all such connections were being rechecked. The minister said that there were still chances of terrorist attacks in various cities and all provincial governments had been directed to put their security on high alert.

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  1. i m really surprised to see few people comments in favor of this ban .. we cant make decision on the basis of bad situations of few areas which every body knows is something different game in karachi and baluchistan…. and by doing this government gonna destroy earnings of thousands of people which definitely too baad. and people who saying its good i am wondering do they have some economical and business knowledge if companies are making money they have invested huge investment and they have right to earn ( why any individual feeling pain by this) and to use any service in wrong and positive way its our act not of any invention .. make your home right instead of belaming any business… already no business man want to invest in pakistan and after this type of act there would be even lease chance and as a result more unemployement, more corruption, more crimes and more suicide then whome u gonna belame for all this?

  2. Kadam badhaoo Govt ham tumharay sath hah.

  3. We are with you ( Govt of Paksitan ) pls apply this suggestion and block pre paid connections immly not for temporary but for always.

    That’s great that pre paid numbers are going finish. It is helpful for our security as well as helpful for our youth people which are going in to wrong track. Gob bless you Mr. Rehman Malik you will also get more sawab when young peoples stop his ill-mannered activities behind his parents eyes

    • Policies of this government are like ” jaisay kiseee butcher ko kisee multinational company ka CEO bana dia gia ho jis ko kuch nahi atta buss katna atta ha

  4. just wonderin…. do terrorists have no other source of communicating other than using pre-paid mob sims? its kinda weird…if its just about closing illegal connections based on fake CNICs then its a wonderful thing to do… no one should be allowed to use fake CNIC, but if they r just closing out mob pre-paid connections then its horrible thing to do. ppl should know that our current economy has a big contrubution from this telecom sector… and only 4% users are currently post-paid. now post paid users r less but revenue generated from them is relatively more. but the thing is when u ll change pre-paid to post paid number of customers will drop dramatically. i mean for surity many people havin job security good income will be able to support themselves n their kids mob in big cities but most of people from distant villages will lose this source of communication and will fall back again to 80s 90s. wat the hell is wrong with govt. why dont they plan something useful for peace n economic growth …instead of banning connections and increasing taxes. n pity on ppl who r praising this act just because some shiekh told them that all panic n killin n voilence n lose character etc etc in world is due to mobile sims… beta pehle media band karo phr… warna abi tho young generation frustration mob pe nikal rai hai phr khul ke roado pe nikaley ge. go to the root causes n eliminate them. educate people in RIGHT way n nothin will go wrong. boost ur economy and see development.. go to ur religon n see respect.. go for Right education n see good characters of young… give people food n shelter n chance to have better life everyday and see peace.

  5. Ataullah khan ata

    Kab huga…..yaqeen nahe araha

  6. o bcccccccccccc lpc sab government country sa illiteracy khatam krooo ghurbat khatam rkii terrorismm b khatam ho jaiyy gaa
    diss iz nut da way tooo

  7. Dear All PTCL Employees,
    Ye boht acha ikdam he pre-paid sims ko close kerny ka ye kam aj se 5 sal pehly karna chahye tha q k es sy mulk bar me dehshat gardi to ho hi rahi hy or hamari New generation b tabhi k taraf gamzan hy!

    Thanks (Honourable Rehman Malik Sab )

    • Rehman malik , Jo uski side SALO prepaid band kar k mulk ko or khatam karna chahtey hain ager dehshat gardi khtam karna chahtey ho to zardari or rehman malik dono ki dafadoor karo or achi hukumat ko moka do.ok

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