Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited Headquarters, G-8/4, Islamabad

Inter Office Memo

No. 10-24/2010-SW                                                                         Dated: April 13, 2011


Having been approved by President & CEO PTCL, it is notified that Hajj quota of 40 persons applicable to the employees of grade-18 level (Managers) and below is hereby allowed henceforth with subject to fulfillment of following criteria

>                    35 employees will be selected from non-management side whereas 5 from management sector (Managers / BMs / AMs).

>                    Top 10% best performers shall be short listed for Hajj scheme every year and will be finalized through balloting among them.

>                    NCPG employees will also be considered for this scheme

>                    Process will be started well before time at least six month before the month of Zilhajj.

>                    Minimum service length to be eligible for this scheme will be 3 years.

>                    In case of the selection of female employees, one Mehram will also be sent on company account. However, total number of persons shall remain same as above mentioned quota.

2.                      All other criterion will remain unchanged.

i)           Has not performed Hajj previously on company expenses

ii)        Should have not been involved in any disciplinary proceeding

iii)       Should be medically fit for performing the Hajj

General Manager (ER)


1. GM (HR&A) BZ North / Central / South PTCL


3. All Senior Managers (HR&A) BZ North / Central / South PTCL

4. The GM (OD) PTCL H/Qrs Islamabad