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History of PTCL Pensioners Cases – Copy of Islamabad High Court Judgement 2011

PTCL Pensioners Case – Copy of Islamabad High Court Judgement 2011

“Barish ka Pehla Qatra”

This was first step in long way of struggle of PTCL pensioners. The Honorable Islamabad High Court Accepted petitions of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited’s retired employees. There were 34 petitioners including Ex GM PTCL Mr. Azad Bakht from Dera Ismail Khan. The respondent were three in number including Government of Pakistan through Ministry of Information Technology and telecommunication, PTET  MD and GM PTET (Pak Telecom Employees Trust).

The Judgement was written by Iqbal Hameed ul Rehman Chief Justice Islamabad High Court (IHC). The proceeding remained for two days only dated 19-11-201 and 30-11-2011.

The Writ petition No. was W.P No.148 of 2011.

At para No.26 of this Judgement it is written as:-

“PTCL is earning huge amounts from the country and under the Act, 1996 and rules, it is duty bound to Increase the pension. For the sake of arguments if the company is liquidated, even then, the Federal Government is duty bound to pay the pension to the pensioners. The purpose of creation of Trust (PTET) was to facilitate and given benefit to the pensioners but surprisingly the Trust is looking after the interests of Company”.
“It was the duty of the trust to act in accordance with law, without fear, favour and nepotism”.

In the Final paragraph it is concluded in following words:-

35. In view of circumstances enumerated above, all the above mentioned four constitutional petitions are accepted in the terms that Pakistan Telecommunication Employees Trust is directed to pay the pension etc. to the petitioners according to increase made by the Government alongwith arrears if any.

Tomorrow We will Explain the Judgement of Islamabad High Court 2014. Take care.

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Copy of Orders compete and attested, First 3 pages are writ petitions and last 37 are of Judgement Sheet.

PTCL Pensioners Case - IHC Judgement 2011 d

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