HMZ-T1 : Sony Mobile 3D Headset in Market from November, 2011

HMZ-T1 : Sony Mobile 3D Headset in Market on November,  2011
In Tokyo Japan model displays the new Sony 3D head mount display (HMD) “HMZ-T1”, equipped with two 0.7-inch sized OLED displays (1280 x 720-pixel) and 5.1ch dynamic audio headphone used to show 750-inch virtual 3D movies, during an unveiling ceremony in Tokyo on August 31, 2011. Sony will put it on the market on November 2011.
TOKYO JAPAN (August 31, 2011) : Spider Man leaps from the top of a building and swings out towards you, cloak fluttering so close you can almost touch it — at work, on a train, in a car, or wherever you are.

Sony Corporation said on Wednesday its new 3D device offers a movie experience that can be had anywhere, with a head-mounted display that lets users also watch videos and play videogames.
The sleek, futuristic visor-like headset — not much wider than a pair of sunglasses — covers the face from the eyes to the ears, where there are earphones attached, and weighs 420 grams (15 oz).
Clear, vivid images are produced with the help of two OLED displays located inside, creating a deep feeling of immersion.
“The hardest part for us was to make it as small-sized as possible, while maintaining high definition, but we succeeded,” said Shigeru Kato, a Sony vice president.
“People can enjoy watching a favourite movie or play a videogame on their own without bothering other family members.”
The headset can be used for watching videos, listening to music and playing videogames by plugging it into a Blu-ray disc player or game machine.
“Before, watching a movie on a big screen was a pastime for the whole family, but now there is a growing demand from people who want to enjoy videos on large-sized screens alone,” Kato added.
But this pleasure does not come without cost. The HMZ Personal 3D Viewer — which goes on sale in Japan on Nov. 11 – will retail at roughly 60,000 yen ($780).

Background of 3D virtuality
Virtual headsets were introduced way back in the 90’s and my first encounter with the technology was with the Nintendo Virtual Boy. It was the first video game console which could display 3D graphics out of the box. Sadly it never took off mainly because of the monochrome display and Nintendo stopped selling after a year. Sony is aiming to revive the technology with a head mounted 3D OLED display which the company showcased early this year at CES, the HMZ-T1 or the personal 3D viewer as it is called projects a 3D / 2D virtual screen equivalent to a 750 inch screen.

Specification of Sony 3D Mobile Headset
1- two 0.7-inch OLED panels with HD resolution (1,280×720)
2- 45-degree horizontal viewing angle / “virtual viewing” distance of 20m for the aforementioned 750-inch virtual screen
3- 5.1 surround sound coming from speakers integrated into the HMD (Sony’s Virtualphones)
4- processor unit with two HDMI interfaces (input and output) for connecting TVs, consoles or Blu-ray players
5- size: 180×168×36mm, weight: 420g

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