HP to Launch Phablets in Smartphone Market

HP to launch Phablets in Smartphone Market

Expected phablets price range between $200 and $250

HP logoNew Tork (USA) / Tuesday, December 24, 2013) – Hewlett-Packard (HP) is world renowned electronics devices manufacturer. Now HP planning to launch 6-inch and 7-inch phablets aimed at emerging markets.

HP had been hinting to a re-entry in the smartphone market for over a year and latest reports point to a way back through large screened smartphones.

According to CNET, the speculated phablets are said to cost between $200 and $250, without contract.

What is Phablet?

Phablet is composed of Smartphone and Tablet Features

HP earlier attempted to make a hold in the smartphone market after acquiring Palm in 2010, but the Web OS based devices failed to catch on with consumers and eventually the company decided to pull the plug on its new tablet and smartphones in 2011.

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