Hurrah! Enjoy PTCL 2Mbps Broadband DSL in 1Mbps Price

PTCL DSL Broadband Upgrade 1Mbps to 2Mbps

Islamabad (March 15, 2012) – PTCL has upgraded data rate of 1 Mbps customers to 2 Mbps without any additional charges till 31st May 2012. PTCL 1 Mbps Broadband customers can now enjoy 2 Mbps data rate at the price of 1 Mbps data rate till 31st May 2012. After the expiry of the promotional period, normal tariff of 2 Mbps “Rs. 1,499” will be applicable.

PTCL Broadband DSL 2Mbps in 1Mbps Charges

This promotion will not be applicable on Broadband student package. This promotion will also exclude customers who are currently on packages like double up, double impact and triple play packages along with the customers who opted out of the promotion last year, and whose line currently does not support 2 Mbps speeds.

Below are the PTCL Broadband Packages Price available for customers:
1Mb     @ Rs 1,250
2Mb     @ Rs 1,499
4Mb     @ Rs 1,999
6Mb     @ Rs 4,999
8Mb     @ Rs 6,999
10Mb   @ Rs 9,999

Highlights of 1Mbps Upgradation to 2Mbps:
1- PTCL broadband is the most affordable broadband service in the country
2- Seamless experience when streaming and downloading movies, TV shows and music files etc
3- Access to rich HD multimedia resources over the internet
4- Access to free movies, music, classical Pakistani plays, famous cricket matches, educational and religious contents exclusively for PTCL broadband customers   on ‘Buzz’ broadband web infotainment portal


  1. Shahid Ali Lakho says:

    Ma ny 1 week phly dsl ka order diya tha lekn abi tk koi nhn aya plz contact me 03133312737

  2. Engr. Anjum Zafar says:

    According to my point of view, it is not fair to misguide the consumers by such type of ads, because there’s hitherto absolutely NO up-gradation in speed of PTCL DSL from 1MB/sec to 2MB/sec.

    CEng FIStructE
    Chief Technical Adviser

  3. Iftikhar Ahmad says:

    Anybody tell me if there is concession for PTCL employees/Pensioners???

  4. Toheed ullah says:

    Dear sir,
    My name is Toheed ullah and I am from Shahmansoor,Swabi.My ptcl no. is 0938212008.I avail the facility of dsl since 28th feb,2012.But since from the begining I am facing the problems that are low speed of downloading and disconnecting of dsl within the continues work or stay off after evening.I complaint many times on 1218 and to the local exchange of zaida and swabi but my problems are still on their place.These are not only my problems all my friends of my village shahmansoor are also upset due to these problems and now they are near to take the decision to disconnect their connections.So this is a humble request to take a serious action for resolving our problems.In case of failure I will be the first one to disconnect the connection.
    Advise for ptcl (Dsl deptt.)
    Due to the failure of not resolving the problems the image of ptcl is going down day by day.So if you people are not satisfying your customers, you can not achieve your goals.So please take a serious action for resolving the problems.Customers are the real asset for a company.My contact no. is 03339890008.

  5. sami ullah says:

    first of all i,m thank full to ptcl staff for this offer 1mbps upgrade 2mbps and that only price of 1mb………..
    so my dears u are wrong if ur speed have problum so you complant to ur nearst ptcl office or some time problum created in line so u should get the fiber optic connection its safe and fast

  6. Masood Ahmad says:

    I am realy very sorry to say that I am going to disconect my DSL with in this month.The authorities are going to advertise that they have promotted all 1mbps users to 2mbps but I am not recieving even my 1mbps.It is some time 500 kbps and less.that is the quality of service ptcl giving to the customers.

  7. there is some bad thing to keep limited downloading only 300 gb alow to download after this limit penalty will charged on user it is not good i am very excused to this tune the sound is not well i hop authorised ptcl pay attention thankx

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