Important Message for PTCL Pensioners from Masood Bhatti

Important Message for PTCL Pensioners from Masood Bhatti
Dear Colleagues
I shall be glad if you pass this message to your in-service or retired friends to let them participate in legal action against PTET. Please keep in mind that you will also in our rank after few days few months or few years. Why not start march together? Just paste a copy of this letter at pension distributing office.
Masood Bhatti
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Important message for PTCL pensioners


  1. khalid Parvaiz ( Pensioner) says:

    This is for inf0rmation to all ptcl pensioners that Line man (Rtd) named Ali Mohammad Expired at ptcl dispensary today morning as on 02.02 2013 while he was waiting for his treatement in serious condition. This is the policy of the company to kill the pensioners without medical treatment and without financial benefits. This is the time of thinking for all concerned. God Help us. KHALID PARVAIZ

    • My dear Khalid Parvaiz really this news is shocked to me & will be shocked for all humanitarian like minded people of all categories.
      pray to almighty ALLAH rest his soul eternal peace. Aameen
      Alwo pray to almighty ALLAH lessonable punished to the PTCL(ETISALAT) and all concerned.

      ONLY HOPE OF THE PAKISTAN CJP MAY TAKE SUO MOTU against ETISALAT(PTCL) and all concerned involved in this negligence
      & entire matters of PTCL(ETISALAT) PENSIONERS.

  2. Abdul Khalique Kumbhar says:

    جناب گزارش کے اس سے پھلے بہی ہائی کورٹ نے ہمارے حق میں فیصلا دیا ہۓ اور پی ٹی سی ایل نےاپیل داخل کی تھی اس کیس کا کیا ہوا اب آپ دوسرا کیس داخل کرتے ہو آپ کو تو یے معلوم ہۓ کے اس ملک میں انصاف تو نہیں ہۓ

  3. Taj Muhammad says:

    Good efforts for PTCL Pensioners.

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