Indian TATA Law for PTCL Clerical Staff : Maqbool Ahmad UDC Appeal to Supreme Court


(Text of Appeal)


Respected Sir,

                        Most respectfully it is submitted for your kind information that I was appointed by qualifying competitive exam under open merit for the post of Upper Division Clerk BPS-07 in Pakistan Telegraphs & Telephone Department under Divisional Engineer Development N-I T&T Lahore Cantt w.e.f 16-09-1990. My transfer & posting was done by the competent authority at Sialkot under Divisional Engineer Telephones w.e.f 27-04-1991and presently I am working in Sialkot Town but still there is no regular promotion to the post of Assistant for me even working for 02 establishment offices without any other helper in the cadre of clerical position since after inauguration of VSS in PTCL introduced during the year 2007-2008. The promotional structure made for the other posts like gazetted & non gazetted since after 1990-91 may kindly be considered as per the details given below:-
01.                   Assistant Divisional Engineers BPS-17 directly recruited during the year 1990-91, 1993-94 & 1995-96 respectively as ADE Probe have been promoted twicely, thricely and more as Divisional Engineers BPS-18, Director Telegraphs  BPS-19 & General Managers BPS-20 respectively. Moreover the departmental & outsider ADEs promoted & recruited during the year 2002-03 have also been promoted on regular basis during the year last year 2010-11 to the post of Divisional Engineer BPS-18.
02.                   The staff in the cadre of Engineering Supervisor BPS-11 non gazetted have also been promoted recruited during the year 1990-91, 1992-93, 1995-96 & 1998-99 respectively on regular basis as Assistant Engineer BPS-17. In this regard most of the officials have also been promoted to the same post from same cadre without qualifying the prescribed competitive exam of CLASS-II for the said gazetted post of Assistant Engineers both for departmental & outsider persons.
03.                   The Senior Accounts Clerks staff BPS-11 (PACKAGE APPOINTEES)  mean appointed / regularized without qualifying the prescribed competitive exams during the year 1991-92, 1995-96 & 1997-98 respectively were upgraded to the post of Assistant Accounts Officer BPS-17 without clearing of SAS PART-I&II prescribed exams of Assistant Accounts Officer BPS-17 and thereafter they all have also been regularized in BPS-17 as Assistant Accounts Officers with full flag promotional benefits by ignoring of prescribed entitlements.
04.                   On finalization of VSS in PTCL during the year 2207-08                    Mr. Mohammad Yaqoob UDC vide his EPI # 10030415 (PACKAGE APPOINTEE) during the year 1991-92 was posted in Regional Office GTR Gujranwala by           Mr. Mohammad Azam General Manager and was promoted to the post of Assistant without prescribed departmental formulations DPC/PDC being a quite junior person to me as well as 04 others like Mr. Liaqat Ali UDC EPI # 10025658 of Hafizabad,    Mr. Mushtaq Ali UDC EPI # 10026782 of Gujranwala, Mr. Mohammad Aslam UDC EPI # 10023358 Sialkot & Mr. Mohammad Saeed UDC EPI # 10029084 Sialkot respectively as we all are of batch 1988, 1989 & 1990. On inquiry from                   Mr. Mohammad Yaqoob junior person he told that his orders has been made purely on OPS basis but after going through the case it was found that his orders were made on regular basis as Assistant w.e.f 10-07-2008.
05.                   So many requests through e-mails, by persons as well as through demy “OPEN HOUSE SESSION” announced and established by the PTCL in Regional Office GTR Gujranwala under the Chairmanship of Mr. Mohammad Azam General Manager concerned were made by all the 05 senior left over UDCs but always zero response. Only the “lollypop and gold words” were always used by Mr. Mohammad Azam General Manager GTR Gujranwala responsible for this injustice promotion in respect of Mr. Mohammad Yaqoob package appointee UDC and thereafter he was transferred at Lahore during the year 2010-11 due to his undue personal involvement / decision in some other so many establishment cases of other staff.
06.                   During the year 2007-2008 all the clerical posts were upgraded by the Government of Pakistan under Finance Division Regulations Wing notification # P.6(4)R.1/2006 dated 29th June, 2007 and the post of Assistant was also upgraded from BPS-11 to BPS-14 w.e.f 01-07-2007 but against which no compliance at the end of PTCL Department but during the year 2009-10 on the stressing views of the clerical staff necessary up gradation notification was issued by the PTCL Headquarters Islamabad under inter office memo # 10-07/2009-SW dated October 09, 2009 with immediate effect and comply with the orders by the Senior Manager HR&A R/O GTR Gujranwala  vide # GTR/E-30/77 dated 16-10-2009 w.e.f              09-10-2009 but yet not verified by the Director PTCL Pay Fixation & Service Verification Department Lahore for permanent recording on the Service Books as well as upgraded benefits to concerned employees.
07.                   On assuming by the Honorable Naeem Shehbaz-ul-Haq as General Manager GTR Gujranwala promotion notification vide # GTR/ST-10/14 dated        31-07-2010 w.e.f 16-07-2010 was issued in respect of all the 11 UDCs of Gujranwala Telecommunication Region against which a request was made by me on 02-10-2010 and by Mr. Mohammad Saeed UDC Sialkot with regard injustice promotion in respect of the 05 left over senior most UDCs as referred to above with the plea that our promotion date may kindly be amended on or before Mr. Mohammad Yaqoob (PACKAGE APPOINTEE)promoted out of the way during the year 2007-2008 by Mr. Mohammad Azam General Manager GTR Gujranwala.
08.                   On receipt of the requests inquiry was held up to PTCL Headquarters Islamabad but there is still no solid decision as well as positive result against injustice promotion extended to Mr. Mohammad Yaqoob (PACKAGE APPOINTEE) made by Mr. Mohammad Azam General Manager. Moreover a request was also made in this regard by Mr. Mushtaq Ali UDC Gujranwala through proper channel forwarded by the Worthy General Manager HR&A Central Region Lahore to the PTCL Headquarters Islamabad during the year 2011 but there is no intimation either the request has been considered or sent into waste basket.
09.                   Since after the dispose off of VSS during the year 2007-2008 I am only single person is available in the establishment offices of filed units like Business Manager Central Sialkot & Senior Business Manager Urban Sialkot and dealing all kind of staff matters, pension cases, benevolent funds & group insurance cases, all kind of billing & customer care BnCC cases, DSL Operators of Sialkot 02 Zones, Technical activities, building maintenance & Value Added Services Corporate Customers of Sialkot & Narowal Districts respectively. In this way my spotless and meritorious services with full devotions are always from dawn to desk during all the working days even on Sunday & other gazetted holidays as and when are to be required to my immediate bosses without any over time etc. as well as other re-mensurations. Hence always overburden working but it is assured that there is no fail as I have no helper in all the narrated huge activities but there are no desired promotional benefits as deserving for the post of Assistant BPS-14. Reluctantly my heavy monitory & future service loss.
10.                   It is also worth mentioned here for your kind information that PTCL Senior Management not taking any interest towards this issue which is serious in nature because I am facing great torture since many years. So many other proven facts are also very solid proofs towards staff matter against which the PTCL Management is entirely responsible for feed back well in time like non granting of Government of Pakistan increases even keeping in view of the judgment & decree recently passed by the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan full bench decision.
                        However in the last, it is, most humbly requested that the PTCL Senior Management may kindly be asked to settle the promotion case to the post of Assistant BPS-14 as eligible with or before Mr. Mohammad Yaqoob in respect of 05 left over senior most UDCs of Gujranwala Telecommunication Region without further loss of time for which we will be very thankful to your good self for ever and oblige. Hoping for very positive response without further loss of time purely humanitarian as well as quite deserving grounds because we have no other way to proceed further in the matter please.
                 Thanks in advance.
                                                                                       Yours Obediently,
Dated:-            23-02-2012
                                                                                    (MAQBOOL AHMAD)
                                                                            UDC Central Telephone Exchange
                                                                       Paris Road Sialkot City EPI 10028315
                                                                      052-4602850 & C/P # 0300-7122044


  1. Raees Ahned Khan says:

    I appreciate Mr Maqbool Ahmed UDC for his appeal and request with all other UDC to struggle jointly and protest through media and legal courts for early resolve our pending matters.every cadre are Upgrade but UDC 07 to 09 this is the justice for clericle staff. Plz raised the point to all employees together for poor PTCL Employees.

  2. Maqbool Ahmad says:

    It is stated with great concern that PTCL Management responsible for this in-justice promotions made between the non management staff still no arguments instead to fixing of responsibilites. It is aslo worth mentioned here that this my very painful matter along with my other collegues will also be treated as a Waste Basket Paper at the end of PTCL Management without any importance as the matter is very serious in nature with regard to wilfully ignorance of our promotion cases having over 20 years spotless & maritorous services rendered to T&T/PTC/PTCL with many many undue burdones. Moreover we are working dawn to desk keeping in view of seniority com fitness as the required posts are also still clear vancat since after the VSS 2007-2008 but the management have no interest with our promotions. The Worthy Founder of Pakistan has declared before 65 years as BACK BONE OF PAKISTAN but the PTCL Management is only treating us just like occupied Kashmiries of Hindustant under INDIAN TATA LAW. Lastly I am also very grateful/thankful to collegues they have been commented under positive views please.

  3. Muhammad Tauqeer says:

    ETISALAT through its local Advisors,creating a lot of dificulties for the staff working and got retired.

  4. Mohsin Hameed says:

    Zulim akhir zulim hai barta hai to mit jata hai

    Allama Iqbal Said
    jin Masayal ko insan hal nahin karte phir qudrat un ko hal karti hai….

    Allah in ko hidayat de…

  5. only unjustice for Hard workers Clrical staff in ptcl , hum sub Maqbool Ahmed UDC jesay be chain aur be haram hain zulm ka aik had huta hai , hamarey sathy telephone operator 1990 me be bhrti huey hain , abi how busness Manager hain lehken Clrical Staff still same cadre from Long time, wherer the justice for Clrical Staff , hamarey dost ne sub na insafi ka detail waze lehka hai , CAN BE JUSTICE

  6. I am appreciate the efforts made by Mr: Maqbool Ahmed(UDC). “Zulm jaab Barhta hi to Mitt Jata Hi” wo waqat qareeb hi jab Aik aik kar ke PTCL ka workers apnay Haqooq ka liya utth kharay hongy.”INSHALLAH”

  7. I agreed with Mr. Maqbool Ahmed sahib on his detailed application for irregularities for due promotion in his region but our management is deaf and blind now only for our genuine low paid or non managment staff cases to resolved . And also our union is under proceeding in the courts hearings we are dishearten from our Zalim Management and pray jointly with our God for resolved our due promotion and other due pending demand.
    I appearicaited taken efferot of Mr. Makbool sahib and request with all other employees to struggle jointly and protest through media and legal courts for early resolve our pending matters.
    Ghulam Sarwar Chachar

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