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Inflight internet and mobile connectivity – Etihad airways launches wi-fly service

Inflight Internet and mobile connectivity – Etihad launches wi-fly service

Karachi (Saturday, December 15, 2012) – Etihad airways has launched new ‘Etihad Wi-Fly’ inflight Internet and mobile connectivity service.

It is powered by the Panasonic Avionics Global Communications Suite.

This is airline’s first aircraft equipped with Panasonic’s communications technology. Etihad airline Airbus A330-200 took flight for Brussels, offering high-speed broadband Internet connectivity as well as data and mobile phone services.

Airbus A330-200 will be used for long-haul destinations across Etihad Airways’ network as Brussels, Dublin, Manchester, Munich, Frankfurt and Milan.

James Hogan Etihad Airways President and Chief Executive Officer said, “Etihad Wi-Fly’ is a result of the 10-year, $1 billion agreement we signed with Panasonic Avionics in November 2011”.

Enjoy Internet, Mobile Phone and TV while flying in a airplane.

As technology is going to be more progressive, In-flight entertainment and communications, passenger expectations are climbing ever higher. They expect to be constantly connected-whether by mobile phone, personal electronic device (laptops, PDAs), or mobile computing technology-to the people, places, digital entertainment and web content that keep them grounded in their daily lives. And they expect reliable, high bandwidth performance. Even at 35,000 feet height.

Panasonic Global Communications Suite is designed to enhance your passengers’ in-flight experience and extend, enhance and differentiate your airline’s brand. Whether you choose it as a standalone system or as an integration with a Panasonic world-class IFE system, the Panasonic Global Communications Suite enables you to provide personal connectivity in the skies.

Services of Panasonic Global Communications Suite

Broadband Internet Service – eXConnect
eXConnect is an in-flight wireless high-speed broadband Internet and data service that provides access to real-time content for passengers and the flight crew. Through eXConnect, customers can easily experience true Web 2.0 connectivity by laptop, PDA or other Wi-Fi enabled device. On the operations side, Panasonic eXConnect gives airlines the connectivity to optimize data transfer on and off the aircraft in five key areas—cabin operations, maintenance, flight operations, airline operations, and airport—by enhancing operation communications.

Panasonic Airborne Television Network – TV entertainment and real-time information
Panasonic Airborne Television Network is a broadcast TV distribution system and service designed for near-global coverage and revenue generation through ad insertion and pay-per-view access. At its heart is the first worldwide in-flight television distribution system powered by the same Ku based satellite network as eXConnect. This Panasonic proprietary network delivers a seamless passenger experience across multiple regions.

Mobile phone service – eXPhone
eXPhone In-flight mobile phone service keeps you connected to the home and the office
Staying connected with loved ones and business contacts in flight has never been easier. That’s because Panasonic offers eXPhone service in collaboration with AeroMobile, a leading in-flight GSM operator. eXPhone allows, passengers to use their own mobile phones in flight for voice and data services with low per-minute calling charges comparable with international roaming rates.

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  1. PIA shame on u.kuch to sabaq seekho ittehad air line se.

  2. PIA shame on u.kuch to sabaq seekho ittehad air line se.

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