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Injustice With PTCL pensioners : Letter to Editor Nawaiwaqt Dated September 28, 2010 from Muhammad Tauqeer Sialkot:

Injustice With PTCL pensioners : Letter to Editor Nawaiwaqt Dated September 28, 2010, from Muhammad Tauqeer Sialkot:

In the edition of daily Nawaiwaqt Lahore dated September 28, 2010, a letter to Editor is published. Letter was written by Muhammad Tauqeer Sialkot. Letter heading is ” Why injustice with PTCL pensioners?

Letter to Editor Nawaiwaqt Lahore Dated September 28 2010 - injustice with PTCL pensioners

Writer wrote that ” Government of Pakistan announced raised pension 15% to 20% and Medical Allowance 15% of pension in Federal Budget 2010-2011. All Departments has implemented that but PTCL pensioners are still waiting for that raise. Action should be taken to them who are responsible for a delay to implement.”

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  1. PTCL pensioners held a demonstration at Murree Road Rawalpindi near Daily Jnag office and Press club Rawalpindi due to non increase of pensions as announced in budget 2010-11. They were displaying banners and play cards showing slogans against PTET and PTCL. They demanded Government to order PTET & PTCL to implement the budget relief immediately as announced in budget w.e.f 1-7-2010. The speakers criticized PTCL management for causing hurdles in implementation of budget relief to PTCL pensioners. They also committed to continue their struggle till achievement of goals.

  2. PTCL PENSIONERS MEETING 28-10-2010 in Rawalpindi.

    A meeting of PTCL pensioners was held in CTO Canteen Rawalpindi on 28-10-2010 at 10.00 am at the proposal of Mr. Fida Hussain A.E (R) PTCL H/Qrs Islamabad.
    The meeting started with the recitation of Holy Quran by Hafiz Mohammad Munir.
    More than 50 pensioners from staff and officers attended the meeting whose list is attached with.
    Mr Fida Hussain welcomed the participants and expressed the purpose of meeting. He gave a brief description of efforts performed so far to get the pension enhancement benefit to PTCL pensioners as granted by Govt of Pakistan in budget 2010 applicable from July 1st,2010. After his address, participants were invited to give their views with open mind. All the participants unanimously showed their sorrow and annoyance to PTET for its negligence & PTCL for its merciless attitude towards its pensioners. The following were the main speakers (with excuse if I forgot to mention any name/s).
    1. Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad Manager (R) PTCL.
    2. Mr. Zulqarnain Akhtar E.S (R) PTCL.
    3. Mr. Faraz Anjum Assistant (R) PTCL.
    4. Mr. Arshad Zaidi Assistant (R) PTCL.
    5. Mr. Rashid Ahmad D.E (R) PTCL.
    6. Mr. Abdul Aziz A.D.E (R) PTCL.
    7. Mr Hamid A. Khan A.E (R) PTCL.
    8. Mr. M. Rafiq Bajwa A.G.M (F) (R) PTCL.
    9. Mr. Nazar Hussain A.E (R) PTCL.
    10. Raja Mohammad Irfan T/Tech (R) PTCL.
    11. Mr. Tanvir Iqbal A.E (R) PTCL.
    12. Mr. Mohammad Iqbal S.R.O (R) PTCL.
    13. Ch. Mohammad Hussain A.D E Training (R) PTCL.
    14. Mr. Bahzad Ali Qureshi E.S (R) PTCL.

    All the participants discussed the legal and administrative aspects of the issue in detail. It was concluded that denial of enhancement in pension to PTCL pensioners by PTET is based on negligence, malafide intention, un-lawful and against Government writ. It will be challenged at suitable time at appropriate legal forum if it is not settled to the satisfaction of PTCL pensioners within a reasonable time.
    The following decisions were made in the meeting.
    1. A working committee was formed for further processing of the matter and to take necessary steps on behalf of the pensioners. The committee will be responsible for management of meetings and coordination with pensioners. It will also be responsible for collection and utilization of funds honestly & in the best interest of the pensioners.
    The following members were selected.
    a) Mr. Fida Hussain.
    b) Mr. Imtiaz Ahmad.
    c). Mr. Faraz Anjum.
    d). Mr. Abdul Aziz.
    2. Next meeting will be held on 6-11-2010 at 10.0 a.m at a convenient place which will be intimated to the participants well in time.
    3. It was decided that a notice for intimation of next meeting to maximum pensioners will be pasted in G.P.O Rawalpindi & Islamabad pension branches. Mr. Zulqarnain E.S will perform this responsibility.

    The meeting ended with a warm Good Bye till next meeting.

    (Report by Fida Hussain)
    Cell # 0300-5129606

  3. this is wrong with ptcl exemployers to not give their rights as pensions

  4. Muhammad Tauqeer

    The PTCL pensioners held a demonstration at Press Club Lahore demanding for pension increase and Medical allowance telecast at BUSINESS PLUS TV.on 06-10-2010

  5. PTCL pensioners’ woes

    Monday, 27 Sep, 2010

    Read at


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