International incoming calls case – Lahore High Court extends stay on tax

International incoming calls case – Lahore High Court extends stay on tax

Lahore (DailyTimes / Tuesday, February 19, 2013) – Justice Muhammad Khalid Mehmood Khan of the Lahore High Court on Monday extended a stay until March 15, restraining the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) from charging additional tax on incoming international calls.

International Phone Calls RatesThe judge also directed the counsels of parties to come up for concluding arguments on the next date of hearing.

On Monday, a counsel for the PTA said that the stay order had been forwarded to all the operators for implementation and most of the operators had stopped charging additional tax on incoming calls. He also said that action was being taken against local loop operators violating the court’s order.

Earlier, on December 5, 2012, the counsel for PTA informed the court that the impugned additional tax had been withdrawn. He requested the court to dismiss the petition after the withdrawal of the tax.

The judge had ordered for production of a notification in this regard, but it was not produced, as the federal government needed more time.

The petition against this tax was moved on behalf of a Lahore-based local loop operator (LLO), Brain Telecommunication Limited, which had challenged the additional tax on incoming international calls. Counsel for the petitioner Barrister Umar Chaudhry submitted that that the PTA had unlawfully imposed the additional tax and since October 1, 2012, Pakistanis living abroad had been paying four times extra charges on a phone call made to their homeland.

He said that the PTA had also violated competition commission’s rules. He said that this additional tax was a violation of the rules prescribed in Section 4 of the Competition Commission Act, which prohibits price fixing and division of market through quotas.

He submitted that the CCP was mandated to provide free competition in all spheres of commercial and economic activity to enhance economic efficiency and to protect consumers from anti-competitive behaviour.

He said that the CCP had also objected to levy the additional tax but the PTA ignored the reservations.

The counsel said that overseas Pakistanis had been facing immense difficulties and financial losses due to this illegal additional tax. He requested the court to declare the impugned tax unlawful and restrain the PTA from collecting the same.

The petitioner had also filed an application, alleging that the FIA and the PTA had been extending threats to the operator company’s management since the court granted it relief against the levy of the tax. He alleged that the PTA and the FIA were pressurising the petitioner to withdraw the main petition.

The counsel for FIA replied that the allegations were baseless, and requested the court to dismiss the application.


  1. Overseas pakistaneeyo ab tumhara allah hafiz supreme court nay aj ICH bahaal kardeeya hay ab pakky karo.

    • Kami bhai iss int’l call ka solution yeh hay kay apnay apnay ghar may (yanee pakistan may) 8 sims ka GSM gateway exchange lagao jo pak rupees 20000 tak ka partaa hay aur aik brod band ka internet connection +aik software jo voip blockage ko bye pass karday yeh cheezain market may easyly available hain.

  2. Mohammad Iqbal says:

    NO one takes care of courts orders in Pakistan. We are still paying the same extra charges .Look at India, China and even BanglaDesh , what are thier rates for incoming calls. SHAME on PTA for depriving the overseas pakistani from contacting thier loved ones in Pakistan.

  3. aur vote do in kameenoon ko hor choopooooo

  4. ye sub darama ker rahe hai court wale bi in ke sath mile huwa hai kisi ka ibn ko khyal ni ha .sub apni jaibe bhar rahe hai.

  5. Yahan bus yahi kahani chulti rehay gi aor kuch na ho ga. Pehaly b in se koi ameed nahi thee na ab hai. Bus ALLAH in sub ko hadait day

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