International Phone Call Tax Case in Lahore High Court, Proceeding today on Dec 13, 2012

International Phone Call Tax Case in Lahore High Court, Proceeding today on Dec 13, 2012

Lahore (Thursday, December 13, 2012) – Brain Telecom’s Case on Additional tax on the incoming international telephone call will be hear today (Thursday, 13/12/2012). Mr. Justice Ijaz Ul Ahsan of Lahore High Court is the head of single bench.

In the last proceedings on Wednesday, December 5, 2012, the curt ordered Pakistan Telecommunication Company (PTA) to produce notification regarding removal of tax on calls.

Overseas Call Rate Case in LHC (Last Proceedings)

Lahore High Court, Lahore – Urgent Cause List (Consolidated)

Daily Single Bench Urgent Cause List
Mr. Justice Ijaz Ul Ahsan
Seq. category Case # Parties Lawyer(s)
18 Civil Miscellaneous (Writ)
WP- Competition Commission
[3191],Ch. Muhammad Atiq


  1. plese open internet call pakistan because to much person problem

  2. koi haal ni government ka

  3. in ka kuch nai ho sakta ab gamay hi sabr sa kam lana paray ga .

  4. uffff pak governament nd courts bez we wann talk with our families while court give the dates why and India give more cheap rates to their people so we say sharm karo.

  5. P t a our gov sub aik hain

  6. MALIK BASIT ALI says:

    is mulk men sub rishwat khor aik sath hen in ka pet halal se nahi bharta in ko na mulk ki fiqar hey nahi mulk walon ki .agar hum log pesa bhejna band kar den to in ko samajh aa jaye in ki ayashian band ho jayen .PTA walon ko to ulta latkana chahiye jo court ko jok samajhty hen .is muamley ko C J C IFTEKHAR SAHIB KO KHUD DEKHNA CHAHIYE DAILY MILLIONS KHAYE JA RAHE HEN …

  7. wasem jabbar says:

    BAD NEWS…….
    The Lahore High Court on Thursday extended a stay order against additional tax on incoming calls to Pakistan for a month.

  8. wasem jabbar says:

    no hearing on 13 dec because today was bycot by pakistan bar council

  9. What is the out come??

    PTA is like Zardari

  10. Judge sahab nay aaj pta councel ko bohat daantaa kay aaj 2 maheenay hogay hain notification cancel ko keeye hooway magar koyee amal nahin kar raha hai orders pay.agar kisee nai amal nahin karna to courts bund kardee jain aur next date 20 dec ko notification submit karnay ka kaha hai nahin to chairmen pta Farooq awan kay against arrest warrent issue kardeeye jaingay.

  11. Maybe they will update tomorrow.

  12. Daily millions in ki pocket main ja rahey hain.wo kaisey tax band ker dain.

  13. what we will do with notification copy…? PTA still have not withdrawn the tax.They just making fool to every one…I dont know what the councel of plantiff is doing….?

  14. Shabbir Ahmed says:

    what is the update???????????????????

  15. I think today is not 13 Dec in pakistan coz no hearing until now…….No updates more then 100 times i checked here but..

  16. kisi ko case k baray ma pta chala k nai

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  18. Any update yet?

  19. Wats goin on now????

  20. we are juust waiting for good news

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