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International phone calls – Lahore High Court extended stay order on Tax till Jan 14, 2013

Incoming International phone calls tax – Lahore High Court extended stay order on Tax till Jan 14, 2013 (Daily TheNews)

Lahore (TheNews / Friday, December 14, 2012) – Lahore High Court, Lahore Bench on Thursday, December 13, 2012 extended a stay order against additional tax on incoming calls to Pakistan for a month.

International Phone Calls Rates in Pakistan

Case adjourned till January 14, 2013
Justice Ijazul Ahsan adjourned the hearing until January 14, 2013, when he was informed that the notification withdrawing the additional tax had not been submitted before the court so far and the federal government needed more time.
Call Tax, Voilation of CCP Rules
Brain Telecom., A Lahore-based local loop operator had challenged the additional tax on incoming calls. The petitioner trough Barrister Umar Abdullah had contended that imposition of tax on incoming call was a clear violation of the CCP rules.

 ICH established on October 1, 2012
He said the ministry of information and technology had issued a policy directive asking the PTA to immediately execute an agreement, International Clearing House (ICH), with 14 LDIs. The PTA acted upon the ‘instructions’ and established ICH for LDI operators from Oct 1, 2012.

overseas Pakistanis paying 3 to 4 times more on calls
The petitioner’s counsel contended that due to the revisal of international call termination charges overseas Pakistanis were paying 3 to 4 times more to call back home as foreign telecom operators had increased rates.

Petitioner also had pointed out the CCP had also issued a dissent note to the (MoIT) and PTA, to withdraw its decision to establish an international clearing house exchange. The decision is also not tenable in terms of the Competition Act 2010, he added.

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  1. pakistan sa ab ap ko koi b call kr sakta ha rs.1/min ma

    • kis newtwork say aur kesay? plz tell me in detail bro

  2. jnb 18febrory ko phir hairing hay high court main isi kais ki doa kro k kuchh hamri ALLAH sun lay or ham bhi apnay piaron say baat kr sakain

  3. To all brothers who are here on this website, currently we as a nation are facing with extremely corrupt and brutal govt. They have destroyed the life of an ordinary Pakistani citizen.People are dying of hunger, no electricity, no water, no security. Ordinary people have been mercilessly killed every second every corner of Pakistan, no body knows who is behind this brutality? Why it is being happening? Karachi is burning, the entire Country is burning.. Ministers and government official are enjoying their routine life with luxurious cars, homes, with police security etc. They still think and dreaming (HUNOOZ DELHI DOOR AAST). Nation is under severe threat but no one care, public are looking to feed their stomachs because they purposely make them hungry. Watch Local Media, international media How they define them? In this country, mothers prays for their children when they go to schools, colleges and universities for their safe return back home. Wives looks for their husbands if they could be back safely home after finishing their jobs. Every one, from a child to 80 years old, men, women feels very unsafe and do not know when they be killed or abducted. What is being happening Who is responsible for this?
    The current Government corrupt and brutal officials must be fixed before this nation suffer extremely….

    What happened to the following, Only Allah Knows:-
    International phone calls – Lahore High Court extended stay order on Tax till Jan 14, 2013……
    From USA if you are calling India and bangladesh,china etc, it is 0.003 cent per minutes,
    Calling Pakistan in the same time from USA is around 10 cents a minutes, 20 times more expensive then the above noted countries What is this Nonsense, this extremely corrupt and brutal Pakistani Government is punishing and looting Overseas Pakistanis to accomolate money for upcoming election so they could win again and to loot, insult and destroy the country with in next 5 years.

    Also Please comment if any body knows about the International Phone Call case held by High Court and which seems to be disappeared..

    Allah protect us from these brutal wild.

  4. Cheap voip nay Pak kay liye rate kuch had tak kam kar dye hain. main use kar raha hun. voice bhi clear hay agar net ki speed theek ho. 10.70 US dollar main 143minutes bat ho jati hay. if u have an other info regarding low rates plz comments here.

    • Pyare bahi ap bohat costly baat ar rahe ho App ko agr mein 2 cent dollar wali website btyon to phir kysa rHe gA?

      • Salam. agar koi hay to plz bata dain bhai. aap ka bohut shukria ho ga. thnx

  5. Please info me about the latest updates

    • Gondal Bhai, You will never get update on this issue because this is for your interest but it is not in the interest of a group of looters you are facing…

  6. PTA say appel krty hn k wo LHR (HC) k feaslay pr amel krain or pakistani nation pr reham kr dain jo apny pearou sy bat krny ko treapty hn, khun in masoom logou ka khoon pee rhy ho 4 God sake!

  7. i call PTA they said today hearing of this case lets see what happen lolx

  8. bhool jao ab k rate wapis aaain gay baare chooron k hath main case frwd to FIA lolx
    just Middle figure for GOVT and who say bhoto zinda hai jab tak wo zinda hai hamara zameer nai jag sakta lolx

    • bro call them again and ask them what happend now?


    • Dear brothers,

      Any update for Lahore H C . case for international calling rates.

  10. plz tellme any updates

  11. no updates for call taxes yet????
    anybodies knows that what the court decies?
    plz share

    • Mumraiz Khan bhai, You still think that some thing will happen to the Tax on calls.. Relax your self and pay the high price. Overseas Pakistanis are looking dreams that calling prices will become normal which is impossible because you are facing with a group of looters, brutal and cruel who are fully determined to punish overseas pakistanis.

  12. Ajj 14 Jan hai laiken incoming Call Tax ka kuch bhe nahi howa.
    Please updated the status

    • Brother Jalal, You will never get a reply to that…That is disappear from the screen now. This government want to loot overseas Pakistanis.These are a group of cruel and you will see many 14 jan like this but you will never get an answer. You will have to pay the exorbitant price to call Pakistan. You know why they raised these price few months ago because they need money to win the upcoming election and these high price may be decreased when this Government goes and people say to them TOY TOY FISH!!!!!!!!!

  13. hie

  14. Hi Can u please give me complete procedural information about Lyca call from Qatar to Pakistan nd how can i get its sim & credit balance. thanks

  15. contact me for best quality pak 600mins



    • bhai kitne riyal main 600 min de rahe ho pakistan ke liye….batao

  16. Hey Lyca has a good offer top up £20 and get £10 free and it’s 4p a minute 😉

    • Brother, Lyca runs by Indians and they know that calling rates for Pakistan has been gone up. They advertised in a very foxy way that if you buy £10 We give you £20 This is the only way they fool Pakistani people. Their connection charges are 13p per call, maintenance fee, their are a lot of hidden charges which they do not show you and they never give the minutes they promise.

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