Lahore PTCL Pensioners Meeting: organized by Quaid Welfare Society

In Lahore PTCL Pensioners Meeting held. Large number of retired employees of PTCL (pensioners) attended the meeting. Meeting was organized by Quaid Welfare Society.

Abdul Hameed, Muhammad Arshad, Mirza Muhammad Jahangir, Mian Muhammad Farooq, Rana Abdul Shakoor, Ahmad Kamal, Muhammad Azam, Muhammad Nawaz Bhutto and others attended the meeting. President Quaid welfare Society Muhammad Naseer Shaikh warned to protest if their demands not met.

Lahore PTCL Pensioners Meeting organized by Quaid Welfare Society - Jang 14-2-2011

Lahore PTCL Pensioners Meeting organized by Quaid Welfare Society - Jang 14-2-2011


  1. AOA

    These efforts are really good but what happened with the pensioners case in supreme court which is our center of last hope. however it is suggested that all the pensioners should informed for the meetings in Lahore through E_mail so that we can move forward together.



  2. welldon old tigers………u know wht???we are workin and on duty,,managment ne jo salook hamare sath kia us ko dekh k sabak seekho,,warna es umer me na to police ki mar bardasht kr sako gy na roads pe march kr sako gay…just dua kro army govt ajay ,,wo khud danda de k kam krwain gy

  3. Iftikhar Ahmad says:

    The following news appeared on The Nation. The link is

    LAHORE – PTCL and PTET pension boards are violating government’s pension notification that was issued seven months ago and depriving old pensioners of their meager income. This was stated by PTCL Quaid Welfare Society President Mohammad Naseer Sheikh in a meeting held on Monday. Representatives from other cities across the country also participated in the meeting, says a press release.

  4. Aslam Baloch says:

    Well, carry on your efforts, God May Help you. In this regard, I would like to suggest that all committees of PTCL Pensioners should arrange a huge portest because all committees of PTCL Pensioners have same cause therefore, they shoudl cooperate each other otherwise ?

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