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Mobile Phone Ban in Schools & Colleges : Teachers welcomes, What You Say?

Mobile Phone Ban in Schools & Colleges : Teachers welcomes, What You Say?

ISLAMABAD (January 8, 2012) : Majority of the teachers favored the recently passed resolution of the Punjab Assembly to ban use of mobile phones in schools and colleges, considering it a source of distracting the students from their studies.
The administration of every school and college imposes restrictions on the use of cell phones during the study hours and parents and teachers also believe that students must not keep the cell phones with them at college or school level.

“The only justification, for some of the parents, for giving children cell phones is the ups and downs in law and order situation of the country. However, it is the responsibility of administration of institutions to keep the parents of the children well-informed about every situation”, Farooq Ahmad, lecturer at a college said.

“It is very annoying when a teacher is delivering a lecture and students continue exchanging text messages rather from focussing on their studies”, he said.
Most of the time, students are observed sitting at different corners of the college, listening to music on headphones and exchanging messages through SMS, quitting the classes, Farooq Ahmad said.
Cell phones are also used by the students for cheating in exams, harassment, facilitating gossip and other social activities, which divert their attention from studies.
Another lecturer, Rao Shakeel appreciated the passage of resolution by PA and said it is a good initiative, which must be given legal cover.
“However, if such a ban is opposed by majority of the people, any alternative mechanism can also be adopted for restraining mobile usage within the class rooms so that the students can concentrate on their studies” Shakeel said.
The colleges can also depute an official for collection of the mobiles at some point so that the students can be facilitated as well as prevented from its misuse, he said.
Another teacher Samina Zareen said “Giving mobiles to the students for the sake of their protection during uncertain law and order situation, and for telling the parents about timing are all lame excuses as colleges and schools have fixed study schedule and timings”.
Similarly, the administration of the institute is responsible to inform parents in case of any untoward situation during college timings.
Pakistan was ranked ninth among 222 countries with highest cell phone usage by the CIA World Factbook 2009 with 88,020,000 users in 2008, which is increasing day by day.
The cell phone usage in the developed countries like United Kingdom, United States, Germany, Russia, France and Austria is very limited as the citizens are charged for paying out going as well as incoming calls after a specific limit.
Contrary to this, a number of cellular companies here are introducing calls and SMS packages including night, women and youth packages which have disturbed the daily routine of the users and sleeping patterns as well. Health experts are also of the view that continuous use of cell phone causes health risks including ear cancer, hearing impairment and other infections due to emitted radiations. (APP)

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  3. it is a good thing. students should concentrate on their studies inspite of engaging in time wasting activities.

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