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New Incentive Scheme for PTCL Employees w.e.f. July 1, 2011

New Incentive Scheme for PTCL Employees w.e.f. July 1, 2011
Incentives to good performers is always an effective tool for encouraging and motivating the employees to exhibit higher levels of performance. With a view to make the incentives more aligned to the business objectives and effective for the employees, the management has decided to link the incentives with the achievement of revenue targets. All regions have been assigned Monthly Revenue Targets up to the level of each Business Manager. These targets will encompass the three landline revenue streams, namely PSTN, BB, and IPTV and the sum of these will constitute total revenue target for a business unit. The performance of each business unit will be measured against these revenue targets and in case of targets being met, incentives will be paid to the concerned staff (BM, ABM, ES, CPEI, Technician and CSRs) as per the details in the annexure. This incentive scheme will be effective from 1st July, 2011.
We hope that the new incentives scheme will change the strategic focus towards enhancing the revenues which will be the result of new installations, quick fault rectification, churn management and win back of customers. We are confident that the scheme will be cheered by the employees and they will put more efforts to achieve the assigned targets.
Attached policy papers must be handed over to all staff in your jurisdiction.

Best Regards

Syed Mazhar Hussain


No. OD/Incentives/2011/I                                       Dated: August 3rd, 2011

Inter Office Memo


As approved by  the Management, the  current incentives scheme has been revised and  now
the  incentives   would  be based  on   the achievement of the assigned  Revenue Targets. These
targets  have   been  assigned  to  all BMs which  will  be monitored   on   monthly   basis and
incentives awarded accordingly.

Operational Staff:
o  The  Monthly Revenue targets assigned to the Operational Staff shall be the sum of
the PSTN, BB, and IPTV targets.
o  In case the monthly revenue target is achieved by the BM, incentive amounts shall be
paid to  all the staff reporting to that BM  along with  next month’s salary as per the
following Achievement Level:

Target Achievement Level
Position Level
                                  100-109%         110-119%           120% & Above
BM                               8,000                 10,000                12,500
ABM                            4,000                 5,000                  6,250
ES/CPEI                    2,000                 2,500                  3,200
Tech/CSR                 1,500                 1,875                    2,400

o  The incentive amount will increase with the increase in the target achievement level.
o  In case of target achievement level less than 100%, no incentive will be admissible.

Incentives for Teams under IBR, Carrier Services, Corporate Services, Wireless, Consumer
Services, etc will be decided upon achieving the quarterly / annual targets.


PTCL Notification of revised incentive scheme for employees 3-8-2011

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  1. Switching staff also consider for this scheme

  2. GM Technical is working parallel with RGM in each region. If business unit complete the sale target they are granted award, but no any award for technical side whose are more efficient / effective and running all the systems without vendors supports and appropriate spares.

  3. six months ago SEVP HR anounced that all ptcl empoyees were pay increased 20% and all over pakistan only 5% employees were not given this benifit and were promissed by ptcl managment that at next appresal these 5% employees will also be facilitate for 20% increase.At this appresal our appresal is very good and we are benifitted with pay increase.but ptcl managment did not give those 5% employees who were not facilitate last increase of 20%.we (5%) ptcl employee request to ptcl managment that we are also hard worker and you can see our hard working by our concerned BM,s SE,s.kindly fullfill your promiss to give us last 20% increase in pay with arrear.Rhanks

  4. Old scheme is a BEST scheme for revenu for workers .New scheme discurage
    the workers .WORKER are not happy at this scheme.I work for PTCL but PTCL management not intrested to increas revenue, Management thought to crash the Workers ,it is not better for PTCL.If the worker is happy then
    PTCL acheve the revenue targets.THINK about this METHOD PLEASE

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