New Pay Commission – Finance Ministry send summary to Cabinet Division

Islamabad (September 23, 2011) – For establishing New Pay Commission – Finance Ministry has sent summary to Cabinet Division for approval. (Published in Daily Express on 24-9-2011).

New Pay Commission - Finance Ministry send summary to Cabinet Division


  1. Iftikhar Ahmad says:

    Why six months time given to commission, it merely requires only 6 days!!!!

  2. Dear All PTCL Pensioners/Employees

    I am an old Pensioners of PTCL. I have already saying here since long that this is government of thieves and dacoites, so who will adhere our voices and what will be about Pay Commisson’s recommendations, Also pay commission is a part to cheat the pensioners and employees. PTCL management wellfulling ignoring the announcements of government, why ??? becasue as I have already told you that the whole govenrment is thieve and Zardari is like “Ali Baba 40 choor”. The biggest corrupt (choor) government of the world history, ruling in Pakistan.
    So all the concerns are desire to wait for the day of judgement before Almighty Allah, Inshallah we will get justice on the day of judgement.
    So don’t believe the Pay/Pension Commission.

    Abdul salam

  3. Only formulating pay Comission again and again will not be helpful in eradication of difficulties faced by Govt employees. Govt should do something for the Govt employees. I think this Pay commssion is also formulated to bluff govt employees and nothing else.

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