Non-Payment of Cost of Living Allowance to T&T/PTC/PTCL Pensioners


Dear PTCL Pensioners
Required interaction of the pensioners of T&T, PTCL & PTC for formulating a strategy for grant of Cost of Living Allowance @7% of their basic pay retired between 1995-2001.

A T&T pensioner,Mr.Muhammad Zaman Bhatti wrote to the Prime Minister of Pakistan(In charge Minister for IT & Telecommunication),Minister of Finance and Chief Justice of Pakistan about non-granting of C.o.L Allowance to the T&T pensioners retired under Government of Pakistan as announced by Ministry of Finance after Supreme Court of Pakistan judgement for granting the same to all pensioners.
He requested  for a suo moto notice/action from the Chief Justice of Pakistan but no such action has been taken and he is advised to seek legal remedy if so in accordance with law.It is worth mentioning here that all the Federal Ministries/Departments have paid this financial benefite to their pensioners except Pakistan Telecommunication Pensioners Trust (PTET) responsible for granting this benefite to all T&T/PTC/PTCL pensioners throughout the  country.
Under the circumstances,it is now inevitable to proceed to the court.Colleagues who are affectees regarding this may contact/consult him for further adoption of strategy/line of action.

Contacts of
Muhammad Zaman Bhatti,

Thanks and best regards,

Muhammad Tauqeer

Petition against non implementation of SC orders regarding PTCL Pensioners Cost of living allowance


Human Rights Cell of Supreme Court about PTCL Pension cost of living allowance



  1. Chandiyo says:

    Zalim Hukmarno sharam karo, aap ghareeb pensioners ka haq ghasab kar rahay ho.

    Bhorray pensioners jo abhi thak koch na hasil kar sakay aur Allah ko piyaray ho gai or yeh tammam badduain PTCL Management, Government funnctioneies aur Judicial par parain ge Inshallah.

    Chit hai oon tammam advocates per jo gharib pensioners key khilaf PTCL intizamia to defend kar rahay hain.

    Patta challa hai siraf Aitezaz Ahsan ney sirf 2.2 Cror hasil kia ta key gharib penioners ka haq ghasab kia jai. Khuda gharat karay aisay loogoon ko.

  2. ghullamustafa says:

    a.o.a dear all i and we are happy on that time when the reemady of ( cost of liviing allowance 07% seven pecent) which were also already notifed by the fedrealgovernment o f pakistan through its minstery of finnace even mentioned notification when be and whatever be issued date from the applicate as per the sprit of noticiation of said allowance of all employees of our home land dear islamic republic of pakistan .but same not to inculeding the pension of poor and helpless employees of country and the all delayed side/counter is resposible to this delay and non fixation . the hounerable cheif justice of suprem court of pakistan and as well as the hon ; chairman hurmaright of pakistan take action again all those to delayed this payments /to fixed thentheir / from the date of applicable and now the wast of time and vauleable /important time and loss of time and heavy mental touchers of deceassed familees of ex employees and after long time the banificaery is not available and the pensioner hollders/families is expired otherhand the said allowance c.l.c 07% be fixed thatime in their pensions /.caulculation and now not seen this days inthe shape of paettions/ requested that is justice and clearthing is as per rule the banifites /labitites worngly be fixed in pensionerhol;er/widows etc the same be recover form the minor pensioner /senoir citzens /pensioners of country but the treasusry officer/ icharge why not fix the same clear instruction has been fromthe departament of gov; so may kindly be look all corners and the one window is open for sorry and frogave me please all . i thanks and again request all be good and help poor and helpless mainkind of all in the world .ok pl .

  3. ghullamustafa says:

    a.o.a dear all i/we requested for pray to success th e case before Islamabad high court Islamabad. the great effort has been taken by mr. bhatti from Faisalabad rted /senior citizen and our dear ptcl leader from Faisalabad . the hon smrc iba and other courts will be given decession on merit /rule audits sprit.and justice. so i and we all hopeful this time .the other requested all seniors to concat for welfare and battaerment of mankind .and the peoples of Pakistan which are need and helpless . the marriage grant of one child and farewel one salary of employees given . the order had been given by president of Islamic republic of Pakistan. the basic right of our dear friends and ex employees .the important thing is that the implementation of said order/notifications must be forwarded to head of department s /c.e.os/president etc .the units not compliance the said notification pl help for all retired/ex,employees/ families . the acricle 25 of 1973 constitutions must be provide the justice to all and on equal basis and as well as section 199 and 166 of 1973 constitutions of Islamic republic paksitand . etc so this is my minor request and pl forgave me . ok thanks pl

  4. Inshallah COL ka faisla bhee pensioners kay haq may ho jai ga.

  5. Muhammad Anwar Khan Rao says:

    mashallah , allah taalaa aap ki koshish kamayab karay AAMEEN ,40000 pensioner, ki duain all pension cases ki kamyabi ka liay har waqat duago hain

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