Now Mobile Phone (Smartphone) Made From a Tree (Wood)

Mobile Phone (Smartphone) made from a Tree/Wood
Mobile Phone is being made in China from locally sourced bamboo.

London (March 3, 2012) – A London-based university student is set to launch the world s first smartphone made out of wood aimed at the high-end fashionable set.

Kieron Scott Woodhouse is a final year Product & Design student at the Middlesex University London.
He s just turned 24 and is already running his own company.
“I think a lot of people want something different. I think the way the market is it s changing people appreciate more bespoke and products that tell more of a story, they are not just a custom product that everybody has,” the designer said.
This is just prototypes but the finished smartphone, called ADzero, will run on Google s Android technology and use a new interface called Adaos – which has been especially engineered.
Kieron-Scott says it s durable and weighs half as much as an iPhone. “We re trying to find a new market so we re not going to be in your mainstream, we re looking to be in boutiques where we may be the only phone there.”
Kieron-Scott used social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to get his ideas noticed and it caught the attention of Chinese technology entrepreneur Jerry Lao who has invested $20,000 in ADzero.
Apple and Samsung are the biggest players in the mobile world but the ADzero has something Jerry Lao says others don t –¬† ring-flash¬† technology. The flash is around the camera s lens rather than next to it – minimising any shadows.
The phone is due to be launched in the UK at the end of the year.

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